Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser On Old Dolce and Gabbana, Aaliyah + Invigorating Love
Who: Paloma Elsesser: Model, Writer, Warrior

Why She’s Foxy: She's ahead of the curve — a plus-sized model, New School student and aspiring writer whose proving that true brains and beauty is anything but one dimensional.

Paloma Elsesser

On Modeling: “When someone asks me what i do, and I say, 'I'm a model',  a lot of times they look at me with a question mark on their forehead. Then I have to add, 'a plus-sized model, and they're like oh! I get it. It's still hard for people to wrap their head around the fact that being a model doesn't mean you're skinny and white and a size zero. As a kid, I was a goofy, sad tomboy extrovert who wore oversized clothes, and was this lower middle class minority student in a private L.A. high school. I was discovered on Instagram. A friend of mine, a fashion editor and stylist, told me I could monetize my looks, and she set me up with agencies. I never took it seriously, though, and for a while I just booked weird jobs. Then I got signed at Muse, and started working really hard. Everything prior was happening without any focus;  suddenly it became a real thing." 


On Being A College Student: “My mom’s intellectual influence was what landed me in New York in the first place. She's an academic who went to Wellesley. Even when I was fucking up in school, she would stay up with me all night and make sure I got my papers in. I applied to The New School because I wanted something small and liberal. I was a club slut when I first moved here, would stay out all night in fake eyelashes with my thirty-two year old boyfriend."


On Her Ideal Day: My boyfriend and I make our favorite breakfast — kale and mushrooms and scrambled eggs with sliced tomatoes. Then we take our roommate’s dog for a stroll around Tompkins Park. Normally, we don't spend the whole day together, which is one of my secret ingredients for staying in love. Sometimes we'll make roast chicken for dinner like an old couple and watch TV. Or we go to bars with a herd of our friends. Two of my girlfriends date his guy friends, so it’s one big awesome party. I love love. It’s vulnerable and scary and invigorating."

  1. Paloma Elsesser
  2. Paloma Elsesser

On The Future: "In five years, I would love to have my student loans completely paid off, and finally finish school. Right now, I’m 56k in debt. In ten years, I want to own a home and have kids."

On Style + Authenticity: "By far, my favorite era of clothing is the nineties. It was the first era where women were openly allowed to wear men’s clothes. I adore nineties Prada. I love old Calvin Klein. Old Versace and Dolce and Gabbana is great too. BIanca Jagger is one of my fashion icons. Aaliyah, too — she was totally authentic. Nothing constructed or produced about her."


Fave Artist: “Kate Bush. She's such a freak and I love it. She totally carved out her own lane. She was an outlandish performance artist who happened to shriek like a circus weirdo.”

Paloma Elsesser

Fave Book: “I will forever love A Wrinkle in Time.”


Fave Movie: "True Romance. I love all the clothes. Patricia Arquette's manic outfits are the best."

Fantasy Wedding: “Tupac and Kate Bush. I would wear a simple old silk bias slip from Calvin Klein 1993 and Nike Air Max. I would take my boyfriend or my brother as my date, and we'd spend the afterparty swimming on the beach until sunrise.”