Rosa Esteva

Rosa Esteva on Barcelona, Blue Linen Skirts and Being Reborn

Who: Rose Esteva, Designer and Founder of Cortana, Crafts Woman, Wild Spirit

Why She’s Foxy: She's an earthy, Mallorca-born Aquarian designer whose dreamy, second-skin couture creations are fit for fairies, made for feminists.

On Her Childhood: “I grew up in Mallorca and was always in nature. We lived in the countryside by the sea and everyone know each other. My mother was a florist and my dad was an architect. I thought everything was a piece of art. I was very dramatic. When I was a teenager, I shaved my head and wore a lot of black. I always loved dresses. I remember my mother brought back a sari from India and I became crazy about it, this eight meter piece of fabric you could do whatever you wanted with. I stood in front of the mirror playing with it for days. I still think that some of my dresses come from that moment.”

On Her Collection: “Cortana is my grandmother’s name. She was a saint, almost. She was very elegant and very rooted in the country. She crocheted curtains all day long. It was her meditation. It was very beautiful to have my brand in her name. It takes me more to my roots than my own name. I started my business by doing bags and dresses but I was always interested in beautiful fabrics. Then I started making dresses for friends. My first one was a green, open-back party dress. I showed my first small collection in the best store in Barcelona. Then I decided to open my own store-- a tiny little shop where I had two people working and sewing these small beautiful sophisticated collections. My parents helped me. I opened more stores and made the wedding collection bigger. We had so many customers coming back year after year. I want women to be free inside their wedding dress. I want them to be themselves. Rather than the dress being too loud, I like the woman to be stronger than dress. You want to elevate her.”

On Love: “I got married in my mother’s countryside hotel. Two hundred people came. But looking back it now I think I got married out of fear. Fear of being alone. Wanting to be part of a community. We were together for twelve years and I was shrinking. The best act of love my ex-husband did was to leave me. I was reborn again. I had been broken, but it was a good thing, because I could reconstruct myself into whatever I wanted."


On Creativity and Motherhood: “Now I am faster at work. I am a mother and I don’t waste my time. My daughter is very inspiring. She is ten and she gets dressed up and goes on the trapeze and does her own show. Just thinking about her gives me freedom. Creativity is the only state of mind. When I’m with her we play with clothes. We listen to music. We dance, draw, and perform.”


Fave Love Song: “I love Italian love music. There is a cover of How Deep Is Your Love that I can't stop listening to these days.

Fave Love Movie:Talk to Her, directed by Pedro Almodovar.”

Fantasy Wedding: “I would love to go to my grandmother’s wedding to my grandfather. I would wear a blue long skirt made out of linen with stripes and a black top. I would spend the after party eating pork with my boyfriend and my daughter.”