Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington on massages, magical worlds, and Vivienne Westwood’s wedding


Who: Ruby Warrington, Author, Meditator, Mystic


Why She's Foxy: Formerly Features Editor on the UK Sunday Times Style magazine, founder of cosmic lifestyle platform The Numinous, and recent author of “Material Girl, Mystical World”, she’s a once-upon-a-time English countryside kid turned bombshell Brooklyn blogger whose fierce dedication to magic and spirituality is raising our collective consciousness one high vibe at a time.

On Her Childhood: “I grew up in a very rural part of England—we literally lived on a country lane. My days were structured around what we were going to play and how we were going to dress up. I would choose our adventure and literally run all around the fields. I was super imaginative, always creating different worlds to explore.”


On An Average Day: “I wake up between 6 and 6:30 am and meditate for twenty minutes. Then I drink hot water and lemon and eat oatmeal and chat with my husband about how our day is going to be. I generally try to carve out hours from 7:30 through 11am for pure creative time—no emails, no social media, no meetings. I do the majority of my writing and editing in that time, or create visuals for my website. Then it’s back to back meetings and calls until the evening. Around 9:30 I switch off technology and read and chat and decompress from the day. My material world life is regulated and rhythmic — that’s what keeps me grounded. I eat at the same time everyday, I sleep at the same time every day, I meditate at the same time every day. Having a structured routine allows me to ride the waves of my creativity.”


On Magic: “When I was a child I believed in magic. I mean, what kid doesn’t love fairies and imaginary friends and thinking that there’s gold at the end of the rainbow? I remember telling people when I was three years old that I had been born in the year of the dragon and feeling so empowered and emboldened about it — I think my love for astrology began then.”


On Her Career: “People started calling me “Mystic Ruby” about 7 years ago at the Sunday Times Style Magazine in the UK. I was the girl in the office who knew everyone’s Chinese animal signs, and I was always telling everyone that mercury was in retrograde. Back then I never imagined that I’d have a book out called Material Girl in a Mystical World — and be running The Numinous. There was a lot I really loved about my job, but it wasn't 100% fulfilling. I had this idea for an online magazine that married my love of the mystical world with a high fashion aesthetic. I am lucky enough to work with so many explorative, adventurous, compassionate souls all of whom are dedicated to raising consciousness and really helping others connect to themselves.”

On Her Dream Day: “It would definitely involve an incredible deep tissue massage that would happen outdoors, somewhere like Thailand. There would be delicious food, indulgent feasting and self care.”


Fave Love Movie: “Baz’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, I love it so much visually. Partly for Leo, partly for love, and, of course, the soundtrack.”


Fave Love Book: “‘Eat Pray Love.’ Maybe a bit cheesy but I don't care! It’s really about falling in love with yourself.”


Fantasy Wedding: “Vivienne Westwood. She and I share the same birthday and I have always felt an affinity with her. I love her rebel spirit. Plus, can you imagine the guest list?”


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