Shirley Erskine-Schreyer

 Shirley Erskine-Schreyer on Cleopatra’s Wedding, Wunderhaus + Watermelon Shots


Who: Shirley Erskine-Schreyer, Former Model, Mama, founder of Wunderhaus


Why She’s Foxy: After working as a model for years in Toronto + New York, she moved to Berlin became an Expat, mother of two and entrepreneur — of a chilled out Waldorfian wonderland for Moms and kiddos alike.

On Growing Up: “I grew up in Toronto. I was a major tomboy. I loved climbing trees, jumping off roofs and riding my red BMX bike. My mom was a single mother and I’m an only child, so I was a bit spoiled.  She was a seamstress and made all my clothes, which has probably contributed to my fashion obsession.”


On Becoming a Model: “I was scouted at the Annual Fashion Cares Event and signed to Ford Canada. I worked for Flare, Canadian Elle and lots of catalog houses. Once I received my work Visa, I moved to New York with my daughter Michaela and everyday was a hustle because New York was a bigger swimming pool. When I lived in Toronto it was much easier balancing being a young mother and a model because my mom was there to help. Once I moved to New York it became more of a juggle.”


On Wunderhaus: “After having my second daughter, I realized there was something missing that supported the needs of mothers. There were play spaces that you could bring your child, but most were tasteless and the toys looked like something you wouldn’t let your dog play with. That’s when I came up with the idea for Wunderhaus.  I wanted a stylish place where families could come and relax on the weekends and mothers could connect with like-minded mothers, take a fitness class, or get a manicure/pedicure while their child is being cared for in our whimsical playspace.  It’s a place where they can laugh, cry, vent, meditate. Our job is both tough and rewarding and having a moment of peace is something every mother needs and I want Wunderhaus to be that place. We just signed the lease for our space in Prenzlauer Berg — also known as Pregnancy Hill.”

In Ten Years: “In ten years I see Wunderhaus in several cities and would love to create a Wunderhaus boutique hotel that offers every necessity a family needs when they travel with their children, like strollers, bottle warmers and stylish baby cots. Every parent knows how hectic traveling with a family can be and I would like to make it as stress-free as possible.”

On Her Husband: “When they say you won’t meet your husband at a club that’s a lie because I know a handful of friends who have met their husbands at a club — and I met Jakob at the Boom Boom room! Jakob is super sweet and I am a bit of a salty dog which I think balances our relationship out. We have been together seven years and sometimes it feels like we just met. Our wedding was with family in Berlin at the courthouse in Schöneberg where JFK said his Ich bin ein Berliner speech. We had another ceremony and large reception at our friends loft in New York.”

Dream Day: “My Honeymoon in Bora Bora — when we finally have it!”


Fave Love Book:Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak.”


Fave Love Movie:Cold Mountain. Jude Law at his prime hello!!!”


Fave Love Song:Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney and the Wings.”


Fantasy Wedding: “Cleopatra and Ernest Hemingway. I would wear the fiercest flapper dress with a beaded headdress. I would take my husband and we would dance the night away drinking champagne and watermelon shots.”