Sofia Karvela

Fox Du Jour Sofia Karvela On Camilla Knickerson, Coconut Chocolate Milk + Crazy Love.


Who: Sofia Karvela, Stylist, Storyteller, Magic Mama.

Why She's Foxy:  She's a born to be wild child stylist who believes in hard work, true romance, and rock + roll.

On Meeting Her Husband: "I was on the beach in Mykonos with someone I was dating, and I noticed this guy playing rackets. His face did something to me. It was perfect. I asked if he wanted to play rackets together, and he said yes. A year later I saw him again, and told him we'd met on the beach the summer before. He didn't remember. I was mortified. Later that night I saw him at a club; he was dancing and making fun of everyone and I fell in love with him. He was with a model who was three heads taller than me, holding her hand, and I walked toward them, grabbed his hand and said "you're mine." I moved in with him the next day. He made me feel like my original self. I didn’t have to be something amazing for him, he thought amazing was uncool. I just had to be me."

On Getting Married: "He kept asking me to marry him but I said no fucking way. Finally on April Fools we went to City Hall. I wore a light pink Paul Smith men’s suit. Literally I invited people that I ran into on the street a day before."

On Becoming A Stylist: "When I was 24, I got out of rehab and reached out to Patricia Field. We went to Il Buco for dinner and she drank Vodka. I came to New York to study acting, but I was so bad. I didn’t know what to do. Patricia Field told me to meet her at Milk Studios early the next morning and bring coffee for the crew. So that's what I did for the next six months. I vacuumed her store on Bowery and tried to sell dresses. Then I assisted her on 'Sex And The City 2'. I never said no to anything. I'm always hustling."

On Her Dream Day: "Wake up. Iced almond latte. Coconut chocolate milk for the kids. I'd spend hours at the park with my sons, then take them to the carousal on the West Side Highway. Afterwards, we'd get iced cream and I'd complain about doing the same thing every day. Go to sleep grateful and exhausted."

On Her Style Icon: Camilla Knickerson. She’s wildly innovative yet true to her kind of beauty."

On Her Personal Style: "Free, impulsive, compulsive, obsessive, reactive. It’s all about mixing and matching. I like finding digging, finding very expensive things for very little money. A blazer from The Row with a grandma slip for $1.99. I collect jeans and reconstruct them. One of my best work days ever was styling twenty different denim looks in this raw, grungy loft that looked over the city. Rolling Stones playing, perfect lighting, perfect set."

Fav Love Song: "Sea of Love"

Fave Love Movie: "'Paris, Texas'. Fuck… It’s everything."

Her Fantasy Wedding: "Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. I would have worn a black suit, and take Johnny Cash as my date. We would leave the afterparty early to drink whiskey and play guitar."


Pics by Chandley Borges