Sybil Domond

Sybil Domond on Haiti, Hand Sanitizer and Princess Diana's Wedding
Who: Sybil Domond, Entrepeneur, Hip Mama, Master Of Making Shit Happen


Why She’s Foxy: From Betsey Johnson production manager to self-employed entrepreneur and artist, she's a first generation American who believes in fair labor laws, the beauty of nature and the power of pure love.

On Her Childhood: "My parents are from Haiti – I am first generation American. My mom came here when she was 17 and met my father, who was 28. My dad was a professional soccer player. Both my grandmothers raised me. The Haitian culture is very conservative. There's no boyfriends or sleeping at your friends' houses. The biggest inspiration in my life was probably my Mother– she still is. She’s very much an artist even though she was a flight attendant. When I was a teenager she bought an old plant nursery, and turned into like this floral center with all these organic fruits and flowers. She could create incredible beauty out of nature. My mom was an amazing chef, designer, plant nurse, there are just so many things that she can do."


On Fashion + Business: "After college, I moved to New York. My dad had remarried by then. I slept on his couch. He lived on 28th street and 3rd avenue. I worked a lot of retail fashion jobs, and I also did production for Betsy Johnson, Coach, American Apparel, Foley and Corinna and Jordache. During that time, I also met my partner Dan, who owned a bar. After I got pregnant, I was like, 'okay, I gotta figure out what to do'. So I left the industry and started my own business. About two years after I had my daughter, I was selling and trading clothes at consignment shops from the Salvation Army, and I realized I could make a business out of it. I curated a bunch of kids clothes and toys, all cotton and cashmere, and found a space in Greenpoint with 25 foot glass ceilings and opened a store called People Of Tomorrow. It's a more conscious way of shopping. I love supporting local and international artists because I refuse to work with huge factories that don’t pay their employees fairly. One of the reasons I got out of the industry is because I knew that factories weren't paying their employees fair — I knew it because I was their production manager."


On Marriage: "Dan and I are technically not married. I don’t need the law to tell me that we’re married. I have a child with him, I have a house with him, I have a dog and a cat with him, a business with him. We had a little ceremony for our ten-year anniversary. A friend of ours came in and we recited a couple things about each other, but we have never physically had a wedding. I think our daughter is what keeps us grounded and focused because we are so engaged in being parents. We love the shit out of our kid."


5 Fridge Essentials: Sparkling water, pickles, kale, apple sauce, and almond milk.


5 Medicine Cabinet Essentials: Tweezers, tea tree oil, eye cream, Neosporin


5 Purse Essentials: Safety pin, battery charger, hand sanitizer, chapstick


Fave Movie About Love: The Notebook. Sappy, but that shit was good.


Fave Song About Love: You’re All I Need by Mary J and Method Man


Dream Wedding: If I could have gone to any wedding, it would be Princess Diana. I would wear a Caroline Herrera dress. The groom would be someone who actually loved her back.


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