Crown Jewels

How to make an insanely cool and outrageously delicious hippie platter of foxy foods inspired by precious gemstones? Call in Chef Deena.


Who: Healing Chef Shamaness Deena Chanowitz, creator of all tasty things bountiful, organic, local, seasonal and yummy as hell. Her tasty creations incorporate reclaimed wood charcuterie boards, edible florals and a wild assortment of fresh, fragrant herbs.



What: A chic soiree in honor of the Stone Fox Bride/Iconery Jewelry collection featuring rose gold opal and diamond necklaces, Victorian skull rings, ruby and sapphire crescent moons, yellow gold snake with pave scales, and more. We named the collection Cerulean and Surya: Surya is the Hindu sun god, and Cerulean is a deep, clear-sky blue. Exactly what the collection is, really rich and cool and alive with spring. The goal was to create a psychedelic cornucopia of nature’s bounty that radiated protection, goddess, energy, eternal wisdom and everlasting love.



Pieces from the Stone Fox Bride X Iconery Collection 


Where/When: At the Stone Fox Bride showroom aka The Fox Den aka The Coven aka Witches Brew, April 6th, 6:30PM-8:30PM.

The Deets: "I channeled high vibrational colors,” says Deena. “I was inspired by physics. In the spectrum of visible light, blue is the highest energy, so I wanted food that was really rich with indigo and violet and purple. I created platters of fig reduction purple beet chips with umi vinegar and sesame, raw beet spiral noodles, watermelon radishes, wild blueberry brioche and fresh steamed fiddlehead ferns for dimensionality. Everything was garnished with aromatic handfuls of dill, basil and tarragon. Cocktails were fresh wild blueberry lavender spritzer with loads of fresh ginger and basil. Additionally, I created an Aztec anti-inflammatory chocolate pudding with with cacao I brought back from the jungle featuring tropical coconut butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. The goal was to create a wild sexy precious gems-inspired bounty in wild blues and indigos and purples that looked like it had just been pulled from the earth.”




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