Homepolish For Stone Fox Bride


At the end of 2015 we partnered with the amazing team at Homepolish to transform our showroom into a more functional space for our team to work, and our foxy clients to come and shop. Check out a few of our favorite photos from the space below, and read the full features on Homepolish and Harpers Bazaar.


MOLLY: "I loved working with Homepolish on the redesign of the SFB showroom — or "sanctuary" — as I like to call it. I am very particular about my space and, for better or worse, I don't budge when it comes to making aesthetic decision on behalf of all the Stone Foxes out there."



"Our ubertalented designer Mattew Cane worked with me to repurpose already exisiting items in the showroom (our couch, pom pom Dana Haim mobile, Confetti Systems teepee and more) to make the space much more open and airy without sacrificing any of the original foxiness I've worked my ass off to put in place. Half office space/half groovy sun-drenched oasis."



Images: Homepolish