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Holistic Esthetician and Skin Healer Britta Plug on The Secrets To Being Radiant + Wrinkle-Free (Hint: No Botox Required!) 


On Becoming A Holistic Facialist:  “I’ve always been drawn to beauty rituals. When I was a kid I used to go The Body Shop and get clays and salts and write in my journal in the bath and listen to Hole and Smashing Pumpkins. I used to have really bad hormonal teenage pimple breakouts. We lived in Germany when I was a teenager and I was introduced to holistic healing and natural medicine and I loved it. I felt like it was magic. Instead of being prescribed banana flavored antibiotics, the doctor sent me to an apothecary with a recipe for tea and told me to take a bath. It felt like going to a wizard’s shop. I used to have all my girlfriends over for spa night and I would work their pressure points. After beauty school I got a job at a spa on Park Avenue. I had to work my way up and do body scrubs in a hot, humid room. It was shitty work and shitty pay; I was basically wringing out heavy wet towels all day long. Eventually I started renting a room in a yoga studio and doing my own holistic treatments."

On Botox + Western Dermatology: “Well, when someone has Botox they are expressionless. They are hard to read in conversation. I’ve seen a lot people who’ve been doing Botox for decades, and the truth is, their skin looks dead. It’s like corpse skin. It doesn’t have good color or good circulation. When you inject neurotoxin into your skull you shut down nerve activity. It affects blood and circulation and chi, which is the energy in the body. When you go for an acupuncture treatment or when you're in yoga class you can feel energy moving to places that have been blocked — we have just as many meridians in our face as in the body.  There’s this myth surrounding microdermabrasion that it’s the secret to youthful skin. It’s not true. Peeling back layers of skin is not sustainable. The outer layer of our skin is not prepared to deal with elements like sun and wind and environmental pollution. You end up getting deeper damage — once you hit sixty or seventy your skin is going to be a wreck.”


On Treating Skin Naturally: “My goal is to make the skin really resilient. I pump it full of plant based nutrients like acerola berries. They’re like a green juice for your skin. Through the jade gua sha facial massage I release tension in the face so that blood can start flowing again, which stimulates circulation and activates the lymphatic system which makes the skin look healthy and bright."


On Tips For Bridal Beauty: “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like fish oil, avocados, coconut oil and flaxseed oil. Drink coconut water with celtic sea salt. Have lots of sex; orgasms are a great stress release. Take salt baths with magnesium. And try not to smoke and drink — sometimes people come to me and want to know why they have acne and I’m like: ‘you are toxic from partying too hard — you’re basically a tampon soaked in vodka.'”

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