Better Off Red

A Dish of Yummy Summer Goodness Designed To Get You Grounded
Red Bowl
I don't know about you, but the more summery summertime gets, the more I get kind of crazy. Maybe it's the hot hot heat, the sixteen hour days, the cramped subway cars, the waking-up-mosquito-bitten-sticky-sweaty-naked-in-tangled-sheets feeling that makes me want to be all: "EFF this shit, I just can't deal" and stay up for six days straight getting cracked out on coffee, eating ice cubes and writing bad poetry. Thank Goodness for Chef Deena and her antioxidant rich breakfast dish made with mostly red fruit  — the first chakra root base color that stands for stability, security + love created for those wild stone fox summer mornings when you just need to calm the FUCK down. Consume upon awakening; it's basically like eating a bowl of om shanti. "The ultimate way to get centered before entering your day," she says. 
  1. Red Bowl
  2. Red Bowl
Fill a bowl with greek or coconut yogurt, then top with strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, candied ginger, dehydrated coconut, rose petals, dragon fruit, raw rhubarb and mulberries. Drizzle raw honey and chia on top, then eat on the fire escape watching the sun rise in your nightie. 
pics by Skye Parrot