Creamy Coffee That Won't Crack You Out

I suffer through nine cold dreary months of boring hot coffee in anticipation of summer. I live for cold Joe — specifically iced Americanos, which are up there with some of my favorite things ever, along with Rupert Friend, Maldon Salt and vintage Chloe dresses. The problem is, I can't have more than one cup or I start to go crazy. The combo of too much half-and-half mixed with mucho caffeine makes my tummy hurt and sends my adrenal fatigue into overload. What to do, what to do… Thank Goddess for Chef Deena, who, with her hippie-psychadelic-white-witchy-potion-prowess, created for me a custom cold brew coffee that I can guzzle throughout the day and still stay calm and pain-free. "Cold brew coffee is lower acidity," she says. "It's easier to digest on an empty stomach. Plus, cinnamon eases digestion and cardamon combats nauseates." Yeah, whatever. Basically, it's heaven in a mason jar. Deets below. (Pics by Skye Parrott)

1. Put strong coffee grounds in a french press overnight with filtered water, press upon waking up (preferably still in your nightgown while grumbling, pre-NPR), pour in huge mug
2. Add a huge glug of almond milk (store-bought is fine, make your home by soaking almonds with organic vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamon, star anise and medjol dates, blend and strain through cheesecloth)
3. Drink + repeat. All day long. 

You can also freeze your cold brew into coffee ice cubes and add to the almond milk. It's kind of like a kiddie cocktail for caffeine junkies. — MRG