Kindred Spirit

Does the idea of trusting your gut send you into a neurotic spiral of self-doubt? Have you already blown half your paycheck this month bawling about opportunities lost and shoulda-woulda-coulda's on your shrink's couch? Have no fear, Celebrity Psychic Medium Thomas John is here to help you stroll down the road to Happy Destiny. Below are his five tips for tapping into your third eye chakra that connect you to your greatest power and intuition.

Thomas JohnPay no heed to Psychic Thomas John's stern expression — he is actually a warm-hearted intuitive with tons of cosmic wisdom to share. "I do a protection prayer every morning," he says. "I ask the angels to watch over me, so that I may live in my highest good."


1: Meditate. "You don't have to do it for long periods of time. Even five minutes a day is good. Don't worry about sitting down; just get comfortable so your mind can get quiet.  Meditation is the royal road to intuition. It paves the way for us to clear our minds so that we are ready to receive from the Universe on a consistent basis. For beginners, sometimes guided, focused meditations are good starts."


2: Go With Your Gut. "Getting what you want in life and achieving success is about trusting your intuition. The goal is to be clear as possible so that you can be guided into making better decisions about yourself.  You can't be intuitive if you're at a low vibration. It's really important to eat well, stay hydrated, exercise and get lots of sleep. Eat intuition boosting foods like almonds and fresh pineapple. Broccoli is really good, too —  it supports the endocrine glands which is associated with intuition. Essential oils like blue yarrow, clary sage and sandalwood are all intuition enhancers. Dab some on your pulse points post-shower or bath."


3. Stay Away From Energy Vampires. "Clear toxic people from your life. Selfish friends, narcissistic parents, and insane exes can block your intuition from coming in clearly and with quality. Think of your intuition as a projection on a blank canvas. When you have other things there to muck it up, your perception gets muddied. Also, try to be compassionate. Remember that most people come into your life for a certain reason, especially with your family of origin. For example, a lot of my clients have narcissistic mothers, but they become better mothers because of it."


4. Take Media Sabbaths. "Social media will disrupt your connection to your Higher Self. Use it sparingly."

Thomas John's sparkly black loafers... aren't they very Studio 54?


5. Don't Fuck A lot Of Strangers. "Be mindful about having an excess of casual sex. When you sleep with someone you don't know, you're allowing you aura to interact with their aura. If they have a negative electromagnetic field, it can directly affect your output of good energy."


Pics by Chandley Borges and Noa Griffel