Change Of Heart

Casey Benjamin, two time cancer survivor and founder of Juju Supply, on six simple ways to manifest love and good vibes in your life.

Surround yourself with Beauty.
"If you want to receive, give and feel love in your life, you have to reflect love in your environment," says Benjamin. "I surround myself with crystals, charms, bright color, family heirlooms, people and practices that literally set the stage for love and connection. Objects have tremendous power to elicit an emotional response. These visual aids act like a vision board reminding me of the loving positive energy I want in my life."

Load Up On Rose Quartz.
"It's the stone of love and acceptance," says Benjamin, who sometimes wears a piece of it in her bra. "It clears the way for open communication and brings attention to your heart chakra. Plus, it’s a highly feminine crystal and encourages unconditional love. Get a big chunk of it."

"I practice transcendental meditation and have pictures of the Maharishi around my house," Benjamin says. "It’s two 20 minute sessions of mantra based practice daily. It works to literally reboot my nervous system. When I open my eyes I feel calmer, more centered and ultimately more receptive. An excellent activity pre-kid pick up from school."

Wear Good Juju"I wear a custom Juju Jangle of charms that connect me to the people I love and experiences I want to honor," says Benjamin. "My lungs for my 2nd round of cancer. An evil eye to keep bad juju at bay. A gold hamsa for protection. An om to remind me of the universality of the human experience. And a gold coin my mother and I picked up in India together. With every jangle as I walk around the house I feel love. On my wrist I wear equally meaningful jewelry. A bracelet woven my a best friend, a temple thread from Sri Lanka tied on by a monk, and more evil eye protection (not looking for cancer round 3!). It makes me feel loved and supported."

Get Your Ganesha On.
"I keep antique Buddhas for compassion and stone Ganeshas to clear obstacles around my home," Benjamin says. "These statues connect me to my belief system and act as visual reminders to accept, feel strength and carry on."

Keep Good Company
"And lastly, keep someone around who makes you feel real love," says Benjamin. "In this case, it’s my boyfriend. I have known him since high school. We reconnected after cancer and divorce and haven’t been apart since. He let’s me dress him up, watches 60 minutes with me and sings me love songs!