I Should Coco

Chef Deena on how to make a tasty after dinner platter of all things chocolatey and sweet. 
Despite what the haters say, dark chocolate is actually kind of good for you. Full of healing antioxidants + anti-inflammatory flavonoids, a few squares of raw, unprocessed cocoa a day might just be the key (along with inner peace and enlightenment!) to keeping your your mind, skin and soul serene. For a late night nibble post-dinner, assemble a board of fresh blackberries, candied ginger, tamari almonds, dried cherries and goji berries — then pair it with a steaming cup of coconut milk hot chocolate, spiked with cayenne, cinnamon and nutmeg. "The calcium and magnesium in the coconut milk will reduce your blood pressure and loosen tense muscles,"  says Deena. To guarantee maximum repose, crawl under the covers in your coziest pjs, listen to a mindfulness meditation and snooze for eight straight hours. 
Pics by Mikey Neff