Lube Job

Ashley Spierer, founder of face and body oil Daughter Of The Land On How Great It Is To Get Greasy
How did you discover the benefits of using body + face oils? 
"I was living in Chennai, India working for a maternal health start up, and the humidity was making my frizzy hair huge! I started using coconut oil on my hair and body and had an "Aha" moment.  Afterwards I began experimenting with using oil for all of my daily skincare needs and was hooked. I started doing lots of research on which oils would be great for different skin types and discovered that jojoba, grapeseed, apricot kernel + avocado oils are also very nourishing. "
Tips for brides who want to incorporate oils into the self-care process? "In preparing for important days I really love the practice of an Ayurvedic oil “bath”, called Abhyanga. This involves rubbing oil all over your body (including face), keeping the oil on for ten minutes (some suggestions for killing time: clean the house, read a book, dive deep into an instagram feed), and then taking a steamy shower. Afterwards your skin feels lovely and the self-care practice can make you feel mentally grounded. You can also tuck a vial of oil in your clutch and use on your lips before wedding pics or dab down some flyaways. And take it on your honeymoon! Oil is my best friend while I’m traveling, I use it for everything:  body oil, frizz reducer, makeup remover, shave gel, or even as your man’s beard oil that he forgets to pack. You can also use it to give your partner a massage by warming the bottle in hot water and going along the sides of the spine with your fingers. It's also great as lube! (as long as you don't use condoms with it)." 
What does inner beauty mean to you? "Staying grounded is so important for my self-worth and feeling beautiful inside. "I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga for three years now and the ritual of doing the same postures as an hour and fifteen minute meditation keeps me mentally and physically focused. As for outer beauty, I tend to always be running out of the house in fifteen minutes or less, so I really like to keep things efficient. My routine starts with  a willow bark skin cleanser. Then while my face is still moist, I apply some Daughter Of The Land Balancing Oil. And then a natural mascara on those special occasions! Honestly, I feel the most radiant the less makeup I wear."