Toast Of The Town

When bread gets boring, put a fig on it. 

Don't get me wrong, I love a good bread smeared with butter as much as the next gal, but the classic carb can get really dull if you're not being creative. Especially in August— when the farmers markets are overflowing with ripe stone fruit and the juiciest of berries. I'm a huge fan of the simple fig. A tiny purplish fruit — and member of the mulberry family —  it's a luscious, chewy little delicacy that's also rich in antioxidants and potassium. Plus, you can either eat it dry or fresh. I turned to Chef Deena to see how best to incorporate this sweet yummy in your morning coffee routine. "Cut a few in half, and combine with fresh ricotta," she says. "It's a typical Mediterranean diet staple and makes for a perfect late breakfast." So next time you're craving a different kind of dough with your morning coffee, grab a loaf of chewy multigrain yumminess, pop it in the toaster and top with fresh ricotta and figs. Drizzle with honey, enjoy. 


Pic by D. Bess Photography