Into The Mystic

Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine — a Seeress with over sixteen years in the healing arts as an Initiated Amazonian Shaman, Reiki Master and Yogini — on how to live your life in the light.


How were you called/drawn to medicine readings and intuitive work?

As long as I can remember, I've been very energetically sensitive and able to see the auras of others. In my late teens, I realized that I could either let my past become future and self-destruct, or I could let my sensitivity become my strength. Letting go of eating meat, practicing zen meditation, yoga, Reiki, and herbalism were my medicinal beginnings. I integrated these beginnings into an eight-year apprenticeship during which I traveled back and forth from the Peruvian Amazon and learned how to heal with the local medicinal songs and plants. The integration of all of the traditions I deeply respect and love combined with my natural sensitivities led me to create Medicine Readings,™ a group or one-on-one full-sensory experience that engages the faculties of scent, sound, and feeling.


How can a regular old Jo tap into her inner voice and intuition?

Be ok with being alone and doing nothing. By doing so, you meet yourself and can learn so much about your personal truth. Start simply, beginning with the practice of just sitting and drinking your morning tea or coffee in silence, maybe even closing your eyes between sips.

How can a bride-to-be use intuitive work and spiritual guidance to shepherd her into her next phase of life?

Being connected to her spirit can help a bride-to-be trust herself and her path. This is a powerful medicine for new beginnings.  A conscious way to celebrate this rite of passage with close girlfriends is having a Medicine Reading Ceremony as a bachelorette experience. In the Amazon, part of my apprenticeship was holding space for shamanic wedding ceremonies. It was a deeply moving experience to bear witness to, and seemed to offer the newlyweds a sense of spiritual security on their new path together. I began Marriage by Mama Medicine​ circa ‘09 in a very organic way, when couples who were seeking a deeply spiritual union outside of a religious setting would ask me to marry them or to assist in their marrying themselves. This developed into bespoke shamanic wedding ceremonies which helps couples create deep spiritual connection to each other and a strong blessing for their new lives together.

Let's talk about crystals. How do we incorporate them into our everyday life?

Easy. Put a clear quartz crystal in your water bottle or tea kettle for a sense of clarity & grounding; sleep with labradorite under your pillow to cleanse your third eye; place lepidolite around your electronics to block electromagnetic waves. In your purse carry black tourmaline for psychic protection and grounding, a mini selenite wand to act as a smokeless smudge and a way to cleanse your aura before an important meeting or after an intense encounter, and rose quartz to keep you connected to your compassion and calm. ​


Daily tips for finding balance within the madness of our everyday crazy lives?

As a mom, I'm a huge fan of mini-rituals. For example, I bless myself for the day by burning the smoke of palo santo around my body and following it with ​three deep intentional Ujjay Breaths. But when I have the time, the most magical self-healing ceremony is taking a Ritual Bath.

What are spot check prayers or mantras a bride to be can use to soothe her insane mind and soul? 

It can be really helpful while dealing with wedding stress to remember and check in with why you are doing all of this. I would offer a very simple two word mantra: "for love."


How does one's vibration change when they fall in love?

​I can always see new love around people. It appears as a bright magenta color, which is why most of my friends wait to see me until they're ready to tell me about their new guy. When​ love​ matures,​ the magenta color comes out when a couple in love is together. 


How can a couple stay high vibrational and connected during the first tumultuous year of marriage?

 Try to not lose yourself in the relationship. Keep connected to the practices and people you hold dear to your heart. Just because you are now a couple doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment together, or even that you need to fully understand your partner — that's why love is called the Great Mystery. Now more than ever, it's important to keep up with taking care of yourself and doing the things that make you happy. Your personal happiness will infuse the relationship with happiness.

Try to eradicate the word "should" from your language with each other. Lead by example, remembering you married your mirror, so if there is something you feel they need to change—  often times it’s something they are reflecting to you. Personally, after our daughter goes to sleep, my husband and I do a simple tea ceremony in the evenings a couple times a week as a wordless way to slow down, connect, and be together. I'd like to think that's a small practice that helps keep our relationship high-vibe.


Visit for updates on readings and @mamamedicine for ritual bath practices and recipes. Space by Mama Medicine is located on Spring & Crosby in the heart of Soho and will be open March 1, 2017.