New Order

Move over Marie Kondo: Former shopaholic-turned-Professional-Organizer Laura Cattano shares 5 tips on how couples can create serenity, spirituality and order in their first newlywed home. 

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Talk It Out: “Before moving in together, you should definitely discuss with your partner how you want to live as an individual and as a couple. Remember: the relationship is ultimately way more important than your stuff. Your space should support and reflect what’s most important to you. Before you move in together, each separately create a list of how you want to live; is cooking important, having a proper dining table, a desk to work, write, or is a laptop on a chair good enough? Do you like to entertain and if so, what does that mean to you? Dinner parties, watching the game, cocktail parties? Do you need a space to meditate or prey? A comfortable reading spot? Also think about how you want each area / room to feel. Do you like a calming space or do you need to be energized and inspired in your space? Is color important? Lots of family photos? Lots of art? Or do you prefer a minimalist aesthetic?"

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Don't Share A Closet: “Never share a closet. It's crucial that you both have a space where you can be yourself one hundred percent. The most important thing is respecting each others things. George Carlin said it best: 'have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?' So true! Which is why it's best to deal with your own things before telling your partner to deal with theirs. That’s also why it's so important that you each have a space, a room, a closet, something that is just yours that you can do with as you please."

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Muji Bins = Must Haves: “No open nightstand bullshit. You don’t want to show your book, box of tissues, pills, dildos, glasses, or cosmo magazine. Keep things closed. That's what closed nightstands are for (preferably with drawers). I want to see things that tell a story of who you are, not your office supplies, chargers, extra tote bags and old mail. Think drawers, cabinets and boxes for the crap we all have. And Muji bins are your best friend. Use them in the kitchen, in the drawers, and in the bathroom.”

Say No To Excess Stuff: “Physical clutter can actually clutter up your mental space. It ends up being a huge burden, even when it’s not surrounding you physically. When you have less, you love it more. You use it more. You put it out because you’re proud of it. I want to see your art, your photographs, your cool relics from your trip to Rome, your grandmother’s beautiful china and the vintage crystal ashtray. The beautiful stuff that’s meaningful."

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Make A Mission Statement: "Come up with three words that is your mission statement for living. For example, my three words are "simple, modern and elegant.' I try to relate everything I take into my life to those words — even my pens, my bracelets, my sweater. Otherwise you're filling your life with ‘just stuff’ that doesn’t inspire you." 




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