Self Care Chronicles

Lullaby Mogul + Founder of Rockabye Baby Lisa Roth on how to maintain spiritual sanity while running a rockstar business. (Random fact: she is David Lee Roth’s kid sister!)

Remember Where You Came From

“My favorite object is on my desk at work. It’s a sticky note that says: “You have no discernable skills to work here.” When I started working at the label almost twelve years ago, the office manager came up to me and told me that. I asked her to repeat it so I could write it down. It’s been suggested I throw it away, but I’ve kept that sticky note all these. years because in my mind it’s a badge of honor and my life story.”

Stay Organized, Old School Style

“Organizational skills are not my forte. I roll old school. I use a spiral notebook at work. I have a rolling list of tasks, reminders, doodles, thoughts etc. I cross out entries as I accomplish them and add new ones. It takes exactly a year to fill up a whole notebook. I have a drawer at work with 12 years of notebooks.”

Find Inspiration Anywhere

“And silly as it sounds, I’m inspired creatively when I do small things that make me feel good, like getting my nails done, dressing in a cool outfit, cooking a great meal. These small acts are tiny confidence boosters, and the more the confidence the more the creativity flows. Fewer inner critics.”


“I practice what’s called good sleep hygiene, which I learned when I worked in television over a decade ago. I worked on a Discovery series and did a story on sleep deprivation. I interviewed several sleep experts and have employed their suggestions ever since. I stop eating two hours before bed, I make sure my room is dark and cool, I wear earplugs AND have an air purifier going which is like white noise. The world could burn down around me and I wouldn’t hear it. Then I climb into my comfy, designer, organic bed, and then I lie there a good part of the night marveling at the circus going on in my head.”

Get Quiet

“I have a small room at home that’s supposed to be a breakfast nook, but it’s where I read, write, and doodle. It’s a corner room with lots of windows, embraced on both sides by the branches of a huge old oak tree, so when I look out the windows it feels like a tree house. I sit and watch (and listen to) the birds, squirrels, and have full-on out loud conversations with my beautiful oak.”

Get Up Early

“I look forward to and protect my morning routine. I wake up naturally at 5:15 AM. I love the solitude of being up so early, there’s a false sense of safety when it’s dark and quiet, like the entire world is still asleep and nothing can possibly go wrong. I drink two tall glasses of warm alkaline water with lemon, and work on a third. I stretch for 5 to 10 minutes, write in my journal for about a half hour, turn on Howard Stern, and shower. I dress for a Bar Method or Core Align class, pack up my breakfast and lunch and a change of clothes to take to the office, eat a chocolate chip brownie Larabar for quick energy and haul-ass out the door to class.”

Understand Your Past

“When I was 13 my mother had a horseback riding accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury. When she came home from the hospital three weeks later she was a different person, a stranger. My parents divorced shortly thereafter and it felt like a bomb was dropped in the middle of everything that was safe and familiar. Losing the mother I knew in that way, at that age, changed my life drastically in a second. It informed who I am today in every way. I still spar with fears and insecurities from that time, but from that moment forward I had to rely on my own wit, my own resources and my own innate skills. It has been a long journey, but I’ve come out the other side with resilience and insight that has served me to no end. After her accident, the luxury of self-discovery was put on the backburner. Life became about surviving loss, looking for comfort, and being the caretaker in my family. I never cultivated a big picture goal. I just kept showing up, one foot in front of the other, doing the best I could, and somehow talking my way into several careers. I don’t think I ever felt prepared for anything I’ve don’t professionally. It has always felt like trial by fire and daunting. Yet in retrospect, I can trace the life experiences, conversations, book learning, personality traits, and the many mistakes and failures that came before and directly contributed to the success of any given pursuit. If you show up, interesting things will happen."


“Movement. I LOVE to move, whether it’s dancing, a gentle stroll or sweaty cardio, or just getting up from my desk at work and stretching. Our bodies were built to move, it’s foundational to our mental and physical well-being, and for me it’s as natural and necessary as breathing.”

Heal At Home

“In my cabinets,  I always make sure to have Elderberry syrup (natural anti-viral and immune booster) Oregano oil,  (antimicrobial/natural antiseptic),  Manuka honey (natural antibacterial/antibiotic and great for treating wounds and burns), turmeric (natural anti-inflammatory), and fresh ginger (great for digestive problems, motion sickness, anti-inflammatory).”

Talk To Yourself

“I have an arsenal of mantras that I pull from throughout the day. So far, today’s are: 'to thine own self be true' and 'don’t take anything personally'."


“Given current events, I’m very much focused on the healing value of contribution, giving or doing something meaningful beyond our own needs. Our world not only needs it now more than ever, but compassionate and empathetic actions directly inform our own health and well-being. Anger and resentment are internally and externally corrosive, which we can’t afford in 2017 or anytime. Stay vulnerable.”


Pics by Allison Roth