Rainbow Connection

Has your holiday season been a hazy blur of flannel shirts, frangelico, figgy pudding and endless hours lying supine with Mom, Pop and Sis racking up resentments, feeling your muffin top balloon and counting down the minutes to Auld Lang Syne? Good news: January first is right around the corner, along with fresh starts aplenty. This New Years day wipe your emotional slate clean with this bright verdant bowl of healing hippie goodness. 
"This time of year of flus and colds and coughs, " says Chef Deena Chanowitz, "so it's important to take extra measures to boost your immune system." Create some self-care in a bowl by assembling a medley of steamed baby squash, broccoli rabe, radishes, beet chips, yellow peppers and baby tomatoes. Top with anti-inflammatory walnuts (high in  omega-3 essential fatty acids), potassium-rich pistachios and add a bowl of homemade hummus by blending chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini and salt in the food processor. Drizzle with virgin green olive oil, maldon salt, a splash of meyers lemon and — voila! This is the beginning of a new day.