Summer In The City

We threw a super hippie spiritual wellness bazaar and invited some of our favorite foxes (Rebecca Minkoff, Kathryn Bentley, Latonya Yvette, Violet Gaynor and more) to come over and get their good vibes on. 

What: An outdoor soiree featuring make-your-own essential oils, a meditation circle, fresh flower crown bar, all indigo food by Chef Deena, vintage India dresses, soul reading, crystals and more. 


Where/When: At Molly's Apartment AKA La Casa Guy AKA FURTHER AKA Proceed With Caution: There's Two Screaming Toddlers Underfoot AKA Lillith Fair Plus Mike

The Deets: Verbiage on our invite speaks for itself. You're Invited To A Mid Summer Past Life High Vibrational Vagina Goddess Luncheon/Bazaar/Soiree/Hang Sesh on July 22nd from 1-5. Come hang on my Shangri-La patio and feast on purple foods, dye your underwear indigo, adorn your hands in lapis, wear crowns of fresh forget-me-nots, drink wild blueberry juice, meditate, cry, dab lavender oil on your heart chakras, eat a cake that looks like a vagina and spend the afternoon luxuriating in the fabulousness of our sisterhood.