Orange Crush

The sacral chakra, composed of red + yellow in equal parts, radiates the color of vitality and strength. In Japanese medicine, this area is called the "hara" which means "ocean of energy" (often also called the "the cauldron" in Taoist alchemical texts). So why not get all groovy this weekend by tapping into your psychedelic vitality with a delish Chef Deena high-vibrational orange-inspired board of bounty? Comprised of danish rye raisin bread smeared in raw almond butter + homemade sweet-tart blood orange marmalade, and adorned with yellow tomatoes, gouda and homemade dried mangoes, what better way to tap into your higher self other than eating? Just watch it with the sugar, says Chef Deena. "Dried mangos are my favorite candy, but the store bought kind can be loaded with sugar and sulfur dioxide. Try making your own by dipping sliced mango into a lemon + raw honey + chili mix and dehydrating." 
Pics by Mikey Neff