Peace, Love + Fuck Weddings

Kyle Miller, co-owner of Venice, California-Based Love Yoga  (with another studio opening in Silverlake this summer) and Ashley Olsen’s personal yoga instructor of many years (“she has an incredible practice!” she says), believes that the key to a truly transformative relationship starts with self reflection. Here she shares some tips for how to feel strong and peaceful pre-wedding.


“Do legs up the wall a full 3-5 minutes before bed. Put your phone down and  lay on the floor with your legs supported by the wall.  It's a super gentle way of inverting your body and it promotes a good night’s rest.”

Eat, No Matter What.

“For me healthy eating is about my thoughts about myself during and after the eating process.  I swear to God, a major game changer for me was not shaming myself for what I ate. If you eat unhealthy food at a restaurant, just move on. Shaming yourself will make you sick.”


“The best breath work to do during the day is sama vritti, which means equal breathing.  If you’re at your desk, close your eyes, take a deep inhale for 4 counts and a clear exhale for 4 counts. Do this a few times in a row. Whatever was on your mind or driving you insane, should subside. As for poses... nothing better than a forward fold with bent knees.  Take your feet hip distance apart, fold forward, bend your knees and let your spine traction.  Let the weight of your skull pull space between each and every vertebrae and feel your entire low back release and lengthen.

The Attitude of Gratitude.

“Before you walk down the aisle, take in the gravity of the moment and how lucky you are to be marrying your person. Let that radiate out!!  That equal breathing technique will help here too, especially if you're shaking or sweating.”

Do Yoga, OBV.

“Yoga builds strong internal heat, burning away impurities (and carbs!), tones your muscles and helps you break past patterns of self-hate and negative body talk.  It gives you better posture which makes you look SO much better, too.”

Make A Mantra.

“This is my go to when I'm struggling with anything: ‘I am my highest self and I act from my highest self’.”