Salad Days

A big + beautiful platter of super colorful crudite to help you beat the heat.

Throwing a dinner party in the heat of NYC summer is awesome when it comes to serving ice-cold slushy drinks, but the food thing can get tricky. Don't get me wrong; I love a salty charcuterie platter of cured meats and cheese as much as the next person, but when the weather is hovering precipitously around one hundred degrees, I can hardly stomach much more than fresh cold fruits and veggies. So what's the secret to entertaining when you're sweating your ass off? I turned to Healing Chef Shamaness Deena for advice. "Head to the farmers market," she says. "Load up on  fresh produce, assemble it all by color on the biggest wooden board you have and drizzle in olive oil, fresh lemon and pink salt. The seasonal harvest goodness beats any meat platter around."

We created our own with wine grapes, purple asparagus, sliced tomatoes, beets, dried blueberries, pickled + candied ginger, summer squash, fresh sprouts, blackberries, watermelon radishes, avocado stuffed with rose petals and more...Voila! It's hippie fashion food at it's finest. Now light some candles, open your doors and let the love roll in. 


pics by David Bess