Good Moon

Five mini rituals to get you synced up with our celestial sister in the sky. By Deborah Hanekamp.

We are mostly made up of water — when the moon is full, we become expansive and wild. During a New Moon (when it's too close to the sun’s glare to be visible with the eye), we become introspective and need more rest. Linking up your self care rituals with the moon cycle is an foolproof way to get in touch with nature — and free up your wild side in the process. Five tips below.

1. Trim your hair.
During the New Moon, trim your hair. By removing split ends, your hair can focus on growing, instead of trying to restore that frayed fuzz at the bottom.

2. Bathe.
New Moons are a great time to rest and invigorate while making room for the new intentions. Taking a bath with white sage essential oil, a black moonstone crystal and Epsom salt will speed along the cleansing process. During the Full Moon sprinkle some flower petals in the bath, along with rose essential oil and a rainbow moonstone crystal.

3. Write + Drink Water.
Around the Full Moon journal your revelations and dreams while you drink crystal infused moon water (a rose quartz in a glass of water set in the window to catch the moonlight).

4. Dance.
During the fool moon, dance and celebrate all your knowledge — and release what you don't need with grace and gratitude.

5. Get Quiet.
During the New Moons take at least twenty minutes a day, to meditate and breathe. Creating an awareness around what you want to call into your life is the first step to manifesting your ultimate destiny.