Cup Of Joy

#Soberjanuary is here, and Heather Andersen, owner of New York Pilates, shares her 6 tips on how to drink in the New Year —  minus the drink. 

1. Pop Some Bubbles. Need to decompress after work without a glass of wine? No problem. "A limonata mocktail is super refreshing and packs a party punch without having to deal with the dreaded day after," says Andersen. "Mix your own in a champagne flute with sparkling water, fresh lime juice and a raw sugar cube."  Pink paper umbrella, natch, is a must.

2. Get Cozy. "For lots of us, the cold weather is pretty prohibiting when it comes to outdoor activity," Andersen says,"hence, it's a great time to hole up in your bedroom and have lots of sex! Invest in new sheets, shave your legs and spend the afternoon releasing dopamine the good old-fashioned way." 
3. Dress Up. On those extra freezing cold days, when the only thing appropriate to wear is a reindeer sweater and Mom socks, do the opposite. "29 out of 30 days I wear a proper outfit, even if I'm just walking around the neighborhood," says Andersen. "Big hat, high boots, red lipstick, the works. It gives me an extra energy boost, even if I'm in a super lazy mood." 
4. Walk! Get up before sunrise, toss on your sweats and earbuds, then walk over and back the Williamsburg Bridge while listening to Ted talks. "Great way to wake up both the body and brain sans caffeine," says Andersen.
5. Have A Dance Party... without ever leaving your living room. Invite over your besties, blast some Bey and twist, shout + sweat the night away. "It's a foolproof formula for instant good feelings," says Andersen. 
6. Do Pilates! "Find a deep stretch class on a reformer," says Andersen, "and check with the teacher in advance to make sure she'll lead you in some deep rotation exercises. The twisting motion is considered a natural detox, and will wring out some holiday toxins from within."