Escape To Paradise

Make your breakfast bowl look positively tropical. 
Do these hazy, crazy, lazy days of rainy Spring have you hankering for an impromptu vacay to St. Barts to roam the white sand beaches in nothing but a nude thong? Not a chance; most likely you're reading this curled up on your couch staring into a florescent computer screen picking at popcorn and dreading tomorrow's nine am meeting with Head Of Marketing. Enter the exotic papaya, native to Southern Mexico and Central America, but found also in your corner bodega. They look like a big orange pear, are full of free radicals + Vitamin C and contain a complicated enzyme that has an anti-inflammatory affect on the tummy. Personally, I like mine sliced and cubed and doused in fresh lime, but for the more adventuresome fruitarians among us, I turned to Chef Deena for some ideas. "Cut it in half," she recommends, "scoop out the seeds, fill it up with champagne grapes, kiwi, blackberries, cherries, plums, fig, mint and dark chocolate. Sprinkle a handful of dried rose petals over the whole thing, and top with hibiscus."  Now hold tight, stick a paper umbrella in your Bud Light, take a bubble bath in last years bikini and blast the soundtrack from "Grease" while ordering sunscreen off Amazon. Summer's just around the bend.
Pic by D.Bess Photos