The Foxy Bride's Guide To Breakfast In Bed

Crank Up The AC, Grab Styles, And Spend Sunday Morning Under The Covers With These Yummy Treats
After a late night of summertime Saturday hard-partying, the last thing you want to do the next morning is head outside in the heat with a killer hangover. So don't. "It's important to relax and rehydrate," says Chef Deena, who recommends a breakfast of fresh cherries, coconut water, hempseed granola with olive oil + sea salt, and good coffee (of course!). "The coconut water + salt will replenish electrolytes, olive oil reduces inflammation, and Omega-3 + 6's in the seeds are a great source of high-quality protein. Plus, cherries contain Vitamin C which is a major immune booster." For maximum mental + physical repose, a post-meal nap is also a plus. 
Pic by D. Bess Photography