Venus Is In Retrograde, Folks….

...And it’s time to shed some cosmic light on old patterns. Intuitive Healer + Tarot Reader Lindsay Mack tell us how to find freedom in the stars.First things first: What is a retrograde? “It’s a period of time when a planetary body appears to be moving backward in the sky —  according to cosmic law, these episodes present powerful energetic invitations to us on Earth. If we consider that each retrograde brings a secret, powerful medicine for our highest expansion, we can be transformed every time we move through one.”


Well when is it? “Now! We are currently moving through a Venus Retrograde, which began its transit on March 3rd in Pisces, and will end on April 15th in Aries. Venus rules over our values, attachments and attraction — basically, love, beauty and abundance on all levels. At it’s core, it’s the planet that teaches us to receive love, compliments, sex, you get the picture. But a willingness to receive requires a willingness to believe in our worth. If our sense of worth is deficient, we can shut ourselves off from the wellspring of abundance that is our birthright. This Retrograde allows us to heal outdated beliefs about our worth so we can allow more to flow to us, to receive without self sabotage. If we are willing to look deeply at the tender spots within ourselves, there can be a transformative rebirth around any area in our lives that Venus touches.”

How can we use Tarot as a tool to find clarity during the Retrograde? “Good question! Tarot is a beautiful tool for reflection and wisdom during any retrograde, astrological transit or moon phase. Pull The Empress card out of your deck, and place it in front of you upside down. Each Major Arcana card in the Tarot is ruled by an astrological sign or a planet. The Empress is ruled by Venus, and when she is reversed, she holds the same medicine and wisdom that a retrograde does. Look deeply at your reversed Empress card. Once you’ve had a moment with your reversed Empress, tune in with yourself and with Source, take a deep breath, then ask the following questions, pulling additional cards for each one:

1.  What old patterns am I releasing at this Venus Retrograde?
2.  What parts of my heart do I most need to offer a healing to at this time?
3.  How can I be more open to receiving love and abundance in my life?
4.  What is ready to flow into my life once the old has been cleared away?
5.  What is this Venus Retrograde teaching me?
Write down any image or thoughts you might have around the cards you pulled. Thank yourself, the cards and your sacred counsel for their assistance, and ask that the signs, the work and the medicine be made clear to you through this retrograde transit.”


Pics by Chase Voorhees + Ashley Glynn