8 Ways To Channel Inner Peace

Holistic Health Coach Tara McCoy on finding your power by powering down.

Tara Mccoy grew up mixing potions in the woods of Wisconsin and receiving reiki from her grandmother, who was an intuitive healer. “Lots of hands on healing,” she says. In college, she decided to pursue a career in Western medicine, only to discover that her true calling lay in “alternative education, wellness and personal optimization.” Now a certified yoga teacher, health coach, intuitive and more, she spends her days dedicated to the practice of expanding her soul and others. Below, her eight tips for staying grateful and grounded when life kicks your ass.

Don’t Multitask

“There have been studies that when we multitask our mood goes way down,” says McCoy. “We often think that distracting ourselves bring us joy, but it doesn't. Even if the task you’re doing is boring — like washing the dishes or taking a walk —  just focusing on that one thing will make you happier.”

Get Quiet

“I meditate every morning,” says McCoy. “That's my non-negotiable. I stick to it by just doing three minutes.  If you're having trouble, just sit for one minute and focus on your breath.”

Keep The Vibes High

“I channel my higher self through journaling and yoga,” says McCoy. “And I always try to surround myself with good people. Having healthy relationships is just as nourishing as food.”

Turn Off All Devices By Nine

“I call this a digital sunset,” says McCoy. “I recommend doing it an hour before you want to go to go to sleep, so for me it's at 9:30. It's a great time to do some journaling, some restorative yoga, or sex with your partner.  If you want to read on your kindle, turn down the light —  or you could even get these really dorky orange glasses that block the blue light —  it's that blue light that blocks melatonin. Try putting a salt lamp in your bedroom too — it will give everything a calm peaceful flow. If your partner is not on board, put on an eye mask and withdraw your senses solo.”


“Every morning after I meditate, I pull a card and start my day,” says McCoy. “You can find a tarot deck on Amazon. Just shuffle them, think about a question you have and pull a card. I look at it as a form of guidance or way to give affirmation. It’s important to feel connected to a power greater than yourself.”


“I am a huge fan of prayer,” says McCoy. “I mean —  pray to the trees or whatever you believe in. I think receiving synchronicity comes directly from that practice.”


“The 4/6 breath is a game changer,” says McCoy. “When your exhale is longer than your inhale, your relaxation response occurs. When it's reversed you're stressed out. Inhale for four, exhale for six.”


“If you’re in a high anxiety job or pressure cooker situation, you need to make sure you're moving every 45 minutes,” says McCoy. ”Walking also clears the mind and gets you grounded. If I’m sitting in one place, I get up at least every half hour. It's amazing how different you feel.”


Pic by Jon Flobrant