Higher Dose Co-Owner Lauren Berlingeri On How Sweating Your Ass Off Leads To A Lifetime Of Positive Vibes

How Did You Get Hooked On Infrared Saunas? "I was introduced to them early on and absolutely fell in love. It gave me the same high as working out, but better."

How Did You Come Up With The Name? "My business partner Katie and I came up with it together. We loved the idea of dosing ourselves with happy chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, seratonin and endorphines."

How Does The Whole Infrared Sauna Thing Work? "Infrared rays are one of the many types of rays that the sun emits. They penetrate deep into your body, activating the sweat glands. It's great for relaxing, pain relief, weight loss, circulation, skin purification, detoxifying and more. It's also not harmful, because it doesn't contain any of the UV rays."

How Do You Incorporate Wellness + Spirituality Into Your Daily Routine? "Gratitude is a big one. I think having a daily practice in the morning, clearing your mind through meditation and positive affirmations and sending out love really sets your day up well. It rewires your brain to think positively. And every bit of extra money I make I invest back into my different wellness practices: different body work, meditation, sound healing. I don't really understand investing into an expensive car or house if you don't invest in yourself first. The material things will come to you once you have positive vibrations as your baseline."