Love + Sex

Bling It On

On running an Australian-based business from NYC. 

Why We Love Our Stone Fox Dads

The mushy stuff our staff has to say about our Papas.

My Mom Drives Me Crazy.

Oh, Moms. What to do. The eternal question. It's so hard, isn't it?

I Don't Fuck My Boyfriend.

He's no longer particularly sexually attracted to me, nor I to him.

My Booty Call Is Holding Me Back

I know I should quit it, but it feels safe.

Love Him, Love Him

According to my Nana, all you need is love (and a "fervent sex life").

One Syllable Guide to Becoming A SFB

Climb in a warm bath, brush your teeth side-by-side.

Life Is Always A Mindfuck

My twenties are a blur of bad hook-ups and fad diets.

Just the Two of Us

We asked some of our favorite Stone Fox Brides to wax rhapsodic about their relationship to their Dads

Sealed With A Kiss

Love Letter Of The Foxy And Famous

Kiss and Tell

(Warning: lots of mushy tongue imagery involved)

That Boring Dork Might Be Your Husband

The chicken farmer is now my husband of 2-1/2 years.

Misery Is Good, Enjoy It While You Can

There was something light about those very dark days.
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