Kiss and Tell

Seven New York Stone Foxes Spill About the First Time They Ever Locked Lips.


Braces, cherry ChapStick, sweaty palms, camp dances, isn't it all coming back? The day your first kiss went down most likely included a few of these variables…majorly gives us PTSD thinking about it. No matter how rich, famous, or fashionable a woman becomes, there's something about the first time she makes mouth to mouth contact that leaves an indelible impression on her adolescent psyche. We reached out to some of our fave Stone Fox friends to get the skinny on how their first kiss went down. (Warning: lots of mushy tongue imagery involved).



Susan Kaplow

Executive Vice President, Editorial Development and Operations, Refinery29


“It happened at sleepaway camp, where lots of first kisses happen for Jewish, suburban kids. I went to a very Wet Hot American Summer-type camp in the Poconos, where everyone was making out all the time, behind trees, in the arts & crafts shack — everywhere. I was around thirteen, I think. It happened with a guy named Jules after a Saturday night dance. I don't remember what I was wearing, but let's just say it was probably a pair of purple corduroy surf shorts with a striped purple and white Polo shirt and L.L. Bean bluchers (sexy). I'm sure I was probably drenched in Love's Baby Soft, Strawberry Bonne Bell Lip Smacker, and powder-scented sweat. At my camp, dances were the jam. We tore it up to The Ramones (‘Blitzkrieg Bop’), Bowie (‘Young Americans’), and AC/DC (all of it). We left those dances super hot and bothered from all that great rock and roll mixed with hormones. Jules wasn't that awesome and neither was his kiss (he was a tongue-jammer), but camp was the shit. Years later I once heard someone describe their first kiss as Jell-O melting on a hot sidewalk. I love that."


Jenna Gottlieb

Senior Fashion Writer, Lucky


“My first kiss was in eighth grade with Tim Sakai. It was entirely premeditated. I was at my friend Mandy's house with a group of kids. We watched a movie, and at the end our friends knowingly abandoned us, leaving us alone under a blanket. We made out for probably ten minutes. I don't remember which movie, or what I was wearing, but what I do remember is that he made the first move, and that there was A LOT of tongue.”


Rebecca Shapiro

Vice President, Shore Fire Media


“It was June 29, 1987 and I was madly in love with Chris Yum, a half Chinese American skater boy. I fancied myself a skate betty and followed him and his friends to the half pipe near Sheridan Road every afternoon. It was the summer we fell in love with the Cure, the Smiths, Depeche Mode and Peach Schnapps. Chris walked my best friend Larisa and I to her home after skating one afternoon. As he leaned in for the big smooch, Larisa started snapping photos, which, a month later, landed on her kitchen counter after she developed them. Her mother Carole was very distraught about the images — she glared at them and said, ‘You know, this is ridiculous. These two are not in love!’”


Claudia Norton



“It was in a graveyard — a nun's graveyard. We were in front of a big cross at the top of the graveyard. I was in seventh grade and Sam was in sixth grade, so it went down after school. I was wearing a Nirvana tank top and my Catholic school uniform skirt and he was wearing khakis and a white Polo shirt. We had planned it out the night before on AIM. When I went to kiss him I closed my eyes and puckered my lips, but he was trying to do an open-mouth kiss so it didn't work well. I felt his tongue on my upper lip and around my mouth so I opened my eyes and I was so embarrassed. He said something like ‘Really?’ or ‘You're really going to do it like that?’ and I was like ‘No’. Then we made out with both our mouths open.”


Ali Bird

Director of The Wall Group


“Joel Rowland. He was in ninth grade and I was in eighth. He had long hair and was on the swim team. So hot. We were in my bedroom, which was in the basement of our house, and we were underneath a table. ‘Almost Hear You Sigh’ by the Rolling Stones was on. I still can't hear that song without being transported to that spring, late afternoon sun filtering in my windows, and feeling the insane giddiness of finding my lips parted against his, his tongue against mine. I also remember so clearly that he kissed and nuzzled my ear and it felt so insanely good I thought I might just die.”


Valerie Boster

La Marque Co-founder, former Vogue editor


“I was thirteen and at sleepaway camp in Maine. There was a social with a nearby boy’s camp and it was something from a different time, slow dancing, arms length apart, and side stepping in a circle. Somehow we snuck outside and made embarrassing small talk before he put his hand on my thigh and went for it. Kissing is still the ultimate for me.”


Rachel Fleit

Chief Creative Officer, Honor


“I was a late bloomer to everything. My first kiss was sometime during Thanksgiving break my freshman year of college with this guy who was voted ‘Most Spontaneous’ in the high school yearbook.  He straddled the line between the theater/chorus dorks (my crew) and the popular jocks (not my crew). We met in junior high and had been really good friends ever since he caught my attention in Mrs. Spina's honors English class with his dramatic reading as Injun Joe. When I was home from college we got stoned and drove to the end of the beach and he kissed me in the front seat of his maroon Camry station wagon. I remember how his tongue felt mushy in my mouth but also how it was warm and nice.  We sort of dated after that. I think he came to visit me at college and I think I broke it off before Christmas by sending an email to his AOL account.”


Image: Glamour