Just the Two of Us

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked some of our favorite Stone Fox Brides to wax rhapsodic about their relationship to their Dads — and to share their fave pic of walking down the wedding aisle on his arm. Here’s what they had to say.


  1. Jessica Thompson, married January 2013 at the Hotel Havana in San Antonio, Texas. 
  2.  Courtney Somer, married August, 2009, at a long cabin in  Woodstock New York.



“As a kid I always felt like I had some kind of magical connection to my dad,  like I could read him better than anyone else.  I used to go to the electronics store with him all of the time, and when I was eight, I distinctly remember standing in front of a giant TV at a Best Buy in the shopping mall and falling in love with Stevie Nicks as she sang 'Landslide'. which I decided that it was our song. I always knew I would somehow incorporate it into my wedding! So I asked one of dearest friends to sing it as my dad and I walked down the aisle. I was so nervous because I hate being the center of attention, and as I was getting ready to walk down the aisle, he honestly was the only person I wanted to see. He talked me out of whatever anxiety was spinning around in my mind, like he's done for me for most of my life, and we walked. At the risk of sounding cheesy, even thinking about it makes me tear up. I feel truly lucky to have a dad who's my friend, who knows me inside and out and who I feel very deeply connected to.” 



“I'm the youngest of four girls, way younger then my sisters, as in not planned…the joke is I'm ‘the bottle of wine gone wrong’. As a result of raising and living with all these women (including a female dog), my father is a total saint, with patience, humor and knowing that runs very deep. The location of our wedding was a full circle moment for us. His parents had owned a small log cabin in Woodstock since the seventies and he grew up taking trips to the country (from Queens) as did I, so when we married at our house upstate nearby, it was a real connection for him and my family.  Right before walking down the aisle I was really nervous. I was walking in gold wedges to our ceremony in the middle of the woods and had to go down a hill, over bumpy ground and had this horrible feeling I'd trip. When I came up to the top of the hill and saw everyone I knew waiting there watching for us to come down, my heart was skipping with nerves. I remember saying, I really hope I don't fall, and he just held my arm tighter and said, "You won't. Enjoy this." And he was right, I did. That day and always, he has been my reminder to have fun with it all —  and my rock to fall back on whenever I needed.”



  1. Molly Fishkin, married June 8, 2014, Paramour Mansion, Silver Lake, California.
  2. Kristin Prather, married, May 31, 2014, Recoleta Ranch, Edgefield, South Carolina.



“My dad is my best friend. My whole life I dreamed of him walking me down the aisle. He is the perfect dad, he calms me and always makes me feel like I am the most important girl in the world. Moments before walking down the aisle with him I looked and him and saw how nervous he was, that just solidified his love for me and made me so ready for me to link his arm and have him walk me to my husband. I love my husband Asher more than words but my dad knows he will always be my number one.”



“I know everyone always says this, but my dad is seriously the best dad ever. He taught me how to fish, how to drive, how to cuss (much to my Episcopalian-priest-mother’s disapproving amusement), and how to generally rein in my psychotic childhood tendency to run full-speed everywhere. He is my fiercest protector and my biggest support. Right before we walked down the aisle, I told my dad that he would always be my number one; the first man I ever loved and the standard to which I have held every guy. He did an awesome job keeping his shit together as we walked down the aisle, which definitely helped me keep mine. Grant, my husband, was so nervous for the hand-off at the altar, but all that fear disappeared when my dad’s foot got tangled in my veil and he nearly busted it. Dad recovered beautifully, like the gentleman he is. My dad is the most generous person I know, which extends to both giving me the wedding of my dreams as well as welcoming Grant into our family as his own, quite a feat for a man who used to make me repeat, in front of my dates, “No drinking, no drugs, no sex” three times before I could leave the house. He is a just a badass (his nickname is Hunk) and I am the luckiest ever to have him as my dad.”



  1. Molly Guy, married at The Metropolitan Building, October 31, 2010, Long Island City, New York.
  2. Sara Spieker, married at The River Cafe, May 2014, Dumbo, New York.



“My dad and I have been to hell and back. When I was a kid we spent every Saturday afternoon together. We’d go to the junkyard, the hardware store and the soda pop factory. Every year on his birthday we’d go to the zoo, then out for pizza and root beer. He’d take me to the museum, play catch with me on the stoop, and help me put together my science fair projects. But when I became a teen, we grew apart. All I cared about was cigarettes, clothes, Jerry Garcia, and boys. I think he was like: ‘what happened to my cute little daughter and who is this lazy, pot-smoke smelling jerk impostor hitting me up for allowance money and rides to school?’ There were years when we barely talked. When I was in my late twenties, we had a huge falling out, which turned out to be a blessing, because we were able to rebuild our relationship from scratch and now it’s better than ever. He is the most kind, mellow, thoughtful, hilarious, hard-working soul ever. We share a love for capers, smoked fish, John Steinbeck, road trips, black and white photography, Bob Marley and more. All I remember about our stroll down the aisle is that it was super sweet and tender. The guitar player was playing ‘Into The Mystic’ by Van Morrison.  We were both crying.” 



“My Dad rarely calls me by my first name, it's just ‘Boo’. We connect on an innate level and have a lot of similar personality traits - same sense  of humor, we love tradition, we are both creatures of habit, very loyal and have a quirky sense of how we organize our lives. I also got my entrepreneurial spirit from him, he really inspires me. I'm originally from San Francisco, CA and when I made the move away from home to London then NYC (for my future husband) my dad was a bit heartbroken. When my dad entered my bridal suite to see me for the first time, I made sure ‘Under my Thumb’ by The Rolling Stones was blasting. It's our favorite song and we've had quite a few festive moments dancing to it. As we approached our big moment walking down the aisle, my dad was nervous. He kept saying over and over how much he loved me, was proud of me and that he has been waiting for this moment since I was born. I had to remind him to walk slow a few times...we walked down to ‘Re:Stacks’ by Bon Iver. Exactly as we turned the corner and saw my friends & family, the loud East River Ferry horn went off which made the moment even more grand and special. Our one-minute walk was perfect, and I felt the love the entire way to the moment my dad took my hand and placed it in Steffen’s.”


  1. Kristin Burns, married on September 8, 2013, in East Hampton New York.
  2. Alison Taffel, married at Summerour Studio in Atlanta, GA in June 2013.



“As a clinical psychologist by day and garage rock band musician by night, my father inspired me to work hard and play hard. Whether writing silly songs at home, flying a kite in the park, or driving across country in a blue school bus, there was always a sense of wonder, adventure, and silliness in our family. It was that same sense of adventure that motivated me to find a long dock to trespass in East Hampton so we could have our impromptu shotgun wedding. After reminding me that he’s always there for me, he offered his steady arm and guided me down the long, windy pier past our teary, smiley family and life-size cardboard cutouts of our animals.  It filled my heart with joy and excitement; it was such a spiritual moment – and made me feel like I was ready to go to a new dimension in my relationship. Now I can’t wait to watch my dad play music and tell wacky stories to my newborn daughter.”



“My Dad was more nervous than I was – almost paralyzed with pride. He was shaking with happiness (and maybe a little sadness that my Mom, who passed away 4 years ago, wasn't able to be there for such an important day in both our lives). I held his shaky, sweaty hand tight as we listened to Explosions in the Sky ‘Your Hand In Mine’ playing as the wedding procession began and everyone started walking down the aisle in front of us. Right before we made our appearance at the back of the room, the horns from the Beatles' ‘All You Need is Love’ rang and all of the guests laughed with great joy, stood up and turned around to see both of us standing there before we walked down the aisle. We took in that moment and then I had to lead him down the aisle. I think he was just so proud of his little girl, of this moment and was having an outside his body experience. As we walked down and saw all the smiling faces, he grasped on tighter not wanting to let go. Eventually, my husband Marc had to whisper 'I've got her. It's okay' and he smiled and took his place under the chuppah as I circled Marc seven times for the beginning of the ceremony.”