All Love Is Equal

New York City based photographer, Braden Summers, dreamt up his ALL LOVE IS EQUAL campaign while living in France — where he was inspired to create a body of work illustrating multi-cultural same-sex romance. "As a gay man," he says. "Creating images that represent the type of romance I'm involved with is important.  I have also been in some interracial relationships which furthered my desire to work with a wide range of diverse couples. My mission when capturing romance is to make the work beautiful.  If my audience thinks the work is beautiful first (regardless of their political viewpoints) then the imagery will be relatable on some level.  We have all grown accustomed to seeing advertisements for hotel chains, tourism and jewelry ads depicting gorgeous men and women (often models) in incredibly stunning scenarios. If we don't regularly see diverse types of romance in this context, it will be harder for the general public to accept it. Representation leads to acceptance." Check out his top pics from the ALL LOVE IS EQUAL series below.