Morning Glory

From drinking champagne, to listening to Beyonce, running through the vineyards and eating rainbow bagels, the morning before these gals' weddings was anything but boring. Check out how these eight Stone Fox Brides got their zen on just hours before walking down the aisle. 

Alex + Grant

Married in Nova Scotia, Canada


 “The morning of our wedding, I cut Grant's hair on the porch.”

Jackie + Kyle

Married in San Rafael, CA


“The day of the wedding we were together the whole time — drinking wine and coffee and eating sandwiches from the grocery store.”

Kayla + Jordan

Married in Toronto, Canada


“The morning of the wedding I had brunch at my favorite restaurant with 20 of my girlfriends while Beyoncé played in the background.”

Cheryl + Colby 

Married in Brooklyn, New York 


"The Morning of the wedding, I woke up very early to find Colby on the terrace with her feet in the hot tub watching the sun rise. We had catered in rainbow bagels, and by 9:30am our suite was filled with our 14 bridesmaids." 

Lauren + Luke 

Married in San Miguel, California 


"The morning of the wedding, I went on a run through the vineyard by myself to get my nerves under control. Luke slept in and rolled out of be to an epic breakfast burrito."

Rica + Paulo

Married in Brooklyn, New York 


"We made coffee then popped champagne, steamed and ironed our clothes and we floated to the courthouse, a little buzzed in the winter sun. It had rained for five days straight before our wedding, but that morning the skies parted. It was a gorgeous sunny day."  Margherita + Eugenio

Married in *didn't say Varese, Italy


"The morning, of my wedding, I drank champagne with my bridesmaids.

 Lesley + Paul

Married in Hollywood, California


"The morning of, I ordered a big breakfast, ate a lot of it!"