Bling It On

 Diamonds, tats and opals — oh my! Check out some of our fave #stonefoxrings proposal stories below. 

“He made me hike 5 miles in knee deep snow before proposing at the top of San Jacinto national park. After, we took the aerial tram down to Palm Springs and celebrated poolside with champagne.” #stonefoxrings

“We walked the MET and then counted robins and cardinals in the park until you led me to a circular flower arrangement in the middle of the snow. I thought we were ruining someone's sacred ceremony space. You got down on one knee, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. You gave me 3 rings representing the sun, moon and us in the middle all made from your grandfather’s stones.” #stonefoxrings

“They got married on the beach next to an amusement park in Atlantic City. It was the first day of summer. The party favors were unlimited ride tickets”. #stonefoxrings

“By the pool, he poured each of us a glass of champagne. He toasted “to the future” right when I saw the black jewelry box in his hand, holding a diamond solitaire set in platinum.” #stonefoxrings

“The day before New Years Eve, her mother’s liquor store had a huge flood. She and her boyfriend spent 36 grueling hours cleaning up the water, then went for dinner at a local restaurant. Midway through the meal he said: "will you marry me?" #stonefoxrings

“She got down on one knee at dusk on a crowded train leaving the Baltimore station.” #stonefoxrings

“During a snowy night at my family's cottage, he led me down to the lake through an enchanted archway and down a path that led to the end of the dock. I found myself standing under a cabana lit up by hundreds of twinkle lights and dream catchers as he proposed. We danced and enjoyed the magic of the night.” #stonefoxrings

“He proposed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Egyptian Wing.” #stonefoxrings

“He asked our youngest child and I if we wanted to go on a walk taking the scenic route. We ended up near the pond where he expressed his love and appreciation for me & asked me to be his wife.” #stonefoxrings

“On a cold, snowy, late night in Breckenridge, Colorado, he popped the question with a vintage sapphire and diamond cocktail ring that belonged to her grandmother. They kept it their own little secret until the next morning.” #stonefoxrings

“He proposed with this art deco beauty from England in their favorite town of Bodega Bay. then they ate hot dogs and fries.”  #stonefoxrings