Bare Essentials

When married model couple Anastasia and Dennis Klaffert are off set, you can usually find them at home in their Brooklyn apartment lying on the couch, drinking tumeric tea. Lucky for them, Mr. And Mrs. Smith and the Greenwhich Hotel swooped in to spice things up with a twenty-four hour sexy slumber party for two.
You've been married to your husband Dennis for four and a half years. How did you meet? "We were friends for a long time before we hooked up. One day we were walking through the West Village and joking about moving into an apartment together. That night we were drinking at Soho House and suddenly it all clicked. I said to him, 'if we slept together, would it ruin our friendship?' Ten month later we were married."
What's your everyday life like? "First thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. There (isn’t always) time for cuddling. We both have crazy busy schedules. I make tumeric tea and read the news and head out the door. At night we lay around on the couch. I'm usually in (relaxed ) shorts and glasses, (hardly ever in sweatpants) We love taking baths, but we don't have a bathtub in our apartment." 
How was it transitioning to your twenty-four hour sexy staycation? "On the subway there, a woman had a seizure and fell on her face. Dennis was trying to stabilize her and I was calling for help. Thankfully she was okay. It was really intense, so needless to say, by the time we arrived, we were ready for some serious relaxation." 
What did you do during your stay? "We laid right next to each other in the pitch black and had a customized couples massage. Afterwards, we got some coffee and took a long walk along the water. We made a conscious decision at dinner to not be on our phones and be present with one another. We had a fight the night before, so the whole thing was so needed. That night we took a bath in salts and rose petals and had the best sleep of our lives. In the morning we stayed in bed and cuddled and ate croissants. The whole thing was pretty dreamy. " 
Tips for keeping the love alive in a long-term marriage? "Plan little day trips. Even if it's just a picnic in the park. Every two weeks I plan a date — like Cirque De Soleil or a new cool neighborhood restaurant. I'm also a big fan of sleeping naked; it always leads to more and better sex."
Pics by Anastasia and Dennis Klaffert