Hen Party

Four Tips For Making Sure Your Bachelorette Weekend Is Anything But Basic. by Desiree Wichmann

After one of my best friends Diane got engaged last winter, I, perpetual Director of Operations, put on my most high-functioning cap and got right to work. Easy-peezy, I figured — I’d reach out to all of her friends (some of whom I’d never met), get us all to agree on a venue, print up spreadsheets, manage itineraries, budgets and logistics down to every last drunken game of pin the penis on the donkey, and plan the #sexyawesome weekend of all our dreams — but boy was I wrong. Turns out that each one of us had a different idea of what a dream bachelorette weekend looked like, and it took lots of texts threads, delicate negotiations and personality management for all of us to agree on a date, venue and vibe that was amenable to everyone. Good thing we stayed the course, because the result was a kickass weekend at Hotel San Jose in Austin featuring five women from all walks of life who were able to put their BS aside and celebrate our dear bride-to-be Diane with strippers, sushi and lots of lazy late sleeping. Below, four tips I learned for patching together a super cool, un-basic destination bachelorette weekend that everyone will enjoy.

1. Embrace The Tension. Don’t fool yourself by thinking that it’s all going to turn out to be one mellow big kumbaya situation of happy convos and good vibes galore….mixing current best friends with childhood best friends and obligatory sister-in-laws is a recipe for #awkwardmoments and that’s totally fine. If there is someone in the bachelorette party who you don’t like, just eat shit and pretend you do. Remember: this weekend is not about you — it’s about the bride. Focus on sending her off feeling like she’s your main squeeze.

2. Off-The-Beaten Hotels Are Often The Best Hotels…  When planning a bachelorette destination weekend, I highly recommend looking into cool boutique hotels and staying away from Airbnb’s. Invest the money instead on a place where you will get the best return — the more eclectic the hotel property, the more inspired your stay will be. It took us a while to decide on Hotel San Jose in Austin, but it was the best decision ever. Basically, the entire place was hidden under a canopy of greens smack dab in the center of the city — like a hybrid of a secret garden and a rodeo. For $200 a night, we could fit 3-4 people in a room, drink froses by the pool, lounge in complimentary flannel robes and chill out in Eames chairs. Forget the whole fluffy, puffy, stuffy vision of a flowery hotel with mimosa and eggs delivered to your door by a guy in a starched suit — this place had a coffee shop and no room service and it was cool and stark and raw and weird and it was awesome.

3. Explore The City…. and Interact With Other People While You’re At It! Don’t be scared to venture beyond the confines on your hotel — you never know what you’re going to find!  On Saturday night, per the recommendation of another hotel guest (who also happened to be a polygamist), we ventured out to an experimental sushi restaurant in downtown Austin. After feasting on miso sorbet and pumpkin tempura, we went to an all womens strip club-slash-cabaret where we were regaled with beautiful breasts and daring, dazzling acrobats doing pole dances. Did someone say vodka tonics? (By the way, the polygamist invited us to swing with him and his “friend” later that evening. We declined the invite).

4. Congregate Around A Body Of Water. Water is always neutralizing — I recommend finding a body of one close by and camping out there in your free time. Whether it’s an ocean, a jacuzzi, a lake, or just a good ole chlorinated pool, establishing home base around some H20 is a great way for everyone to pass the time peacefully. Tanning, reading, napping under an umbrella, swimming, selfies — chilling out by the agua is pretty much a foolproof way to weather any wayward moments — despite the myriad personalities you’re dealing with.