Why We Love Our Stone Fox Dads

At some point in your life, you probably dated a toothless, tattooed hooligan, who refused to use a condom and sometimes yelled at you for no reason. And you were probably like, “whatever, the reason my self esteem is so low is that my dad is a dick.” But we’re not buying it. Blame your relationship problems on your dad all you want, or sit on your therapist’s couch, and yack away about how he set you up for a lonely spinster life, but at the end of the of day, he’s half the reason that you’re here today. In our of Father's Day, check out the mushy stuff our staff has to say about our Papas. Lots of love from everyone at SFB….


Molly, Founder and Creative Director


This is me and My Dad at Oz Park in Chicago in 1980. I think he was tickling me. Most likely it was a Saturday afternoon —  we had probably just come from the lumberyard and were sharing a blackberry soda pop.


Lucinda,  Design and Development Director


I love my dad because he always supports me. Here we are pictured filming some sort of event in the backyard of the house I grew up in. He took me everywhere he went in that blue backpack.

Liana, Spring Intern


Here, I'm pictured with my dad on the day of my senior prom. I love him because he's always been the cool dad. Like, "all of my friends had crushes on him" cool. Recently, he asked to borrow the vodka he knew I had hiding in my room in exchange for access to the liquor cabinet. I think I'll keep him.

Ellie, Summer Intern


At my grandparents 60th anniversary party my Dad forced me to dance with him. He knows I have two left feet and that dancing in front of people is not something I indulge in lightly. He glided, swayed, and gracefully waltzed as I stammered around looking like a spastic mess. After twenty-one years, this is the only photo taken of us dancing because he will always be way smoother than me. His sense of compassion, humor, hard work, energy, and advice is truly unparalleled. Thank you, Dad, for always reminding me that laughing at yourself is a good thing, life is better in the sun, and steak can’t be eaten without bearnaise sauce. 


Hannah, Sales Manager


These two photos mean a lot to me. The photo where he's holding my hand was taken when we were in Boston. We would go there every summer since I was really little, so I have very fond memories of spending time with my dad there. The other photo is of me and my dad, wearing a hat my mom made me, and it just captures the fact that I am such a Daddy’s girl. I love him!


Cary, Summer Intern


This photo was taken right before my dad and I were about to embark on one of his famous road trips. He came to pick me up at the all girls sleepaway camp I went to, and as soon as all of goodbyes were said and my unlaundered clothing was loaded into my dad’s perfectly broken in car, we set off on the back roads of rural Virginia listening to James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac. I love him for his undying sense of adventure, devotion to his passions, and his utterly superb taste in just about everything.


Desiree, Director Of Operations


I love my dad because he's extremely hard working. I really love this photo of us because it's from a trip we took to Key West in 1993, and we all look cool as cucumbers. It's always been one of my favorite photos of us.