Den Mother

Vagina Chronicles: Harriette + Piper

"This baby spoke to me during every step of my journey."

My Body, The Warrior

True beauty is anything but two dimensional.

From Soup to Nuts

Our Intern Zoey's Foxy Mama made her own wedding dress. 

Jackie + Julia

At the end of a two hour call, the birth mom and I decided to take the next step. Sheepishly she said, "I hope this doesn't freak you out, but I am due on Thursday!" It was Monday.

Move Over Mickey Mouse

Sales Manager Hannah Kelly's Foxy Mama Judith met her husband Ted while they were working at Disney World on a college internship.

Nicole + Noelle

We were instant parents.  Noelle was born on a Friday, we met her on Saturday and she came home with us on Monday.

Lisa Block + Baby Joanna

After morning sickness subsided, I felt super sexy.

Like A Rolling Stoner

Creative Director Molly Guy's Foxy Mama smoked pot on the way to her wedding.

Their Cups Runneth Over

SFB Ops Director's Foxy Mama had seven bridesmaids— and each one had their own bottle of champagne.

Good Jeans

Stacey Bendet's Foxy Mama got married in 1974 wearing denim bellbottoms beneath her white wedding dress.

Wheels In Motion

After her wedding, Doula Lindsey Bliss' Foxy Mama hopped into a hot-wired VW Beetle.

Labor Of Love

The night before I gave birth to my first child, my mom wrote me this poem.

So Seventies

Writer Carrie Seim's Foxy Mama got married in her backyard wearing daisies in her hair. 
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