Den Mother

My Foxy Mama

Like A Rolling Stoner: Creative Director Molly Guy's Mom smoked pot on the way to her wedding.

My Foxy Mama

Their Cups Runneth Over: SFB Ops Director's Mom had seven bridesmaids— and each one had their own bottle of champagne.

My Foxy Mama

Good Jeans: Stacey Bendet's Mom Olivia got married in 1974 wearing denim bellbottoms beneath her white wedding dress.

My Foxy Mama

Wheels In Motion: After her wedding, Doula Lindsey Bliss' Mom's hopped into a hot-wired VW Beetle.

Labor Of Love

The night before I gave birth to my first child, my mom wrote me this poem.

My Foxy Mama

So Seventies: Writer Carrie Seim's Mom got married in her backyard wearing daisies in her hair. 

Nikky + Sefiagger

You can always become a mother, it just might not be the way you predicted it to happen.

Lindsey + Olympia

My labor unfolded lighting fast, I couldn't even catch my breath.

Alexa Wilding + West & Lou

Carrying twins forced me to make friends with myself.


My Body, The Warrior

True beauty is anything but two dimensional.

Sam Huggins + Juniper

My babes were born in my living room and it ruled.


Becca Shapiro On iCals and Sex

Children, like grown-ups, just want to be heard.

Worship Your Mom

Resenting your mom is a waste of time.
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