Like A Rolling Stoner

Like A Rolling Stoner: Creative Director Molly Guy's Foxy Mama smoked pot on the way to her wedding ceremony.

Who:  Ellen Alswang met her husband Robert when she was on a date with his brother Larry. "He never proposed to me," she says. "Not his style. After we'd been living together for a year we both said, it’s time to get married."
Wedding Deets: The morning of the wedding they ate crepes, played tennis and picked up a cake at the local bakery. Also, says Ellen, "we smoked a lot of joints and got really high." There ceremony was held in her parent's living room in downtown Chicago on a Saturday afternoon. The same rabbi who performed Robert's Bar Mitzvah officiated.
Random Fact: After the honeymoon, they were suddenly so freaked out to be married that they didn't know what to do with themselves. "We ended up seeing four movies in three days," says Ellen. "One of them was Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman."