From Soup to Nuts

From Soup to Nuts: SFB's Sales Intern Zoe Shitemi’s Foxy Mama Jackie got broth all over her blouse after her boyfriend proposed.

Who: "My mom Jackie met my dad Tony in the hallway of their college dorms," says Zoey. "He was the Junior RA and she was a freshman. "


Proposal Deets: "He took her to a french restaurant on her birthday six years after they started," says Zoey. "He pulled out the ring during dinner, and she leaned over to kiss him. Soup got all over her blouse."


Dress Deets: "My mom made her own wedding dress," says Zoey. “But a tailor ended up having to fix the whole thing. There was visible stitching, a crooked zipper, and seams coming apart."


Wedding Deets: "Two receptions!" says Zoey. "The first was on the south shore of Long Island. The second reception was in Kenya, my Dad's homeland, where the garden was in full bloom. Afterwards they went to Masai Mara for a safari."