Labor Of Love

The night before I gave birth to my first child, my mom wrote me this poem. — MGSo remember: you are strength & you are fierce. The Power within you is also strong & fierce. Its name Is Labor. Labor is your synergy, not your enemy.

You share a common goal--to move your daughter from within to without.

Labor is Power. She will use her powers, the time-tested techniques she has practiced on billions of women thru millenia.

You too are Power. You have honed your mind & body for this time. You know you cannot go anywhere till the job is done. Do not fear LABOR--she is your partner.

Soon now so soon you will meet your daughter. You will watch as she is placed on your belly , cord still attached. You will see the cord cut, ending oneness.

Now in your separateness hold the squishy juicy baby you have just hatched, Kiss & ogle her. Feed her. Applaud yourself.

Labor tiptoes out of your room down the hall--off to Vienna, Albuquerque, Cabo San Lucas.

She has blessed you into a new womanhood & left behind a remarkable offering.

xo mom (Ellen Rosen)