Lisa Block + Baby Joanna

With one child in Pre-k, I selfishly didn’t want to wait any longer to get pregnant, even though my husband’s start-up business was wobbly. Of course I got pregnant right away, just doing what regular women do during ovulation. My husband closed his eyes in our bed when I announced that the new-to-the-market test turned pink. He wasn’t quite ready for the news!

My first trimester was better than the first time, but I still had nausea every day. I was working downtown which was a long commute from the last stop in Jamaica Estates Queens down to the World Trade Center — and I fought nausea for over an hour on the train each way. After the morning sickness subsided around the four month mark, I felt super sexy, sensual, empowered and beautiful.

Most of the day went by with light, but persistent contractions. I played games with my four-year old daughter, lolled around and ate a piece of toast. Mid-afternoon, to step things up, I decided to take her around our block on her Big Wheels bicycle. Halfway through, contractions started. I couldn’t speak. I sent the toddler to Grandma’s, and during the hand off, my water broke. I was having heavy back labor on the car ride over, once we parked in the hospital garage, had to stand on the road divider while having contractions. Forty-five minutes from there: fifteen minutes breathing, transitioning from four centimeters to full dilation, saying I really wanted an epidural. It was hard all of a sudden. I was nauseous, but I hate throwing up so I pushed past it. I focused on trying not to push, waiting for my doctor to get there. Then suddenly two pushes — and it was a girl! 6 lb., 9 oz., and healthy. What a beautiful Labor Day weekend.