So Seventies

So Seventies: Writer Carrie Seim's Foxy Mama got married in her backyard wearing daisies in her hair. 

Stone Fox Mom Bride Of The Day: Sharon Seim, who met her sweetheart, Don while teaching at a middle school in Bellevue, Nebraska. "I had just been hired by the district, was touring the building and literally ran into Don," she says. "He'd been making furniture, was soaked with sweat and looked like a Norse God." She started sewing her wedding dress a month after they'd been dating. "We were driving while I was embroidering this piece of fabric," she says. "And he asked me: "What are you making?' I said, 'My wedding dress.' He said, 'You're awfully confident aren't you?' And I said, 'If you don't marry me, somebody else will and this dress is going to take a long time to make.'" Random fact: the morning of their wedding, she finished her Masters in Art Education, and completed a final exam in pottery. "I made it to the wedding with clay under my fingernails," she says.