Wheels In Motion

Wheels In Motion: After her wedding, Doula Lindsey Bliss' Foxy Mama hopped into a hot-wired VW Beetle with her new hubs Steve. 

Who: In 1975, Gail Stoughton met her husband Steven Bliss while waiting for her ID in line at William Paterson State University.
Courtship Deets: After spending a number of Tuesday nights at  the student center sharing wine, eating squares of jarlsburg cheese, and watching twenty-five cent Lina Wertmueller movies,young lovers Gail and Steven traveled to Copenhagan after graduation and backpacked, biked, and hitchhiked around the British Isles and Europe for two months. One night, exhausted, they pitched a tent in a dark, and woke up to a large preening peacock in front of them. Turns out they'd set up a camp at a local bird sanctuary. 
The Wedding:…. was in Wayne, New Jersey; ceremony at the Woman's Club in Hackensack. Gail, remarkably calm, did her own hair and makeup and wrote some her own vows, which included quotes from  from Kahil Gibran. She walked down the aisle while Uncle Tom played "Both Sides Now" on the piano.
Random Fact: As the couple exited the party, Gail pulled up the skirts of her Victorian style dress and piled into an old VW Beetle that Steven had hot-wired. Everyone laughed as the car sputtered to life and drove away.