Becca Shapiro On iCals and Sex

We asked Shore Fire Media Vice President of Publicity Rebecca Shapiro (whose clients include Zac Brown Band, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Paul Reiser and Maxwell) a self-proclaimed Type A Organization Freak and Stone Fox Mama to Roxy, 10 and Simon, 6, how in the FOX she manages to do it all…. and still stay calm and foxy. Her eight tips for how to survive and thrive as an on-the-move working mom below.



"Regardless of how much time I have each day with my kids, I try to make each moment count. When I take my son Simon school on the subway, we look over maps, read big words in the newspaper, and play Brainquest. Sometimes we'll just chat about nothing in particular, or sit in silence holding hands. I always make an effort to have all my attention focused on him when I'm with him — NOT on my phone, however tempting it may be."



"When it comes to cooking, it's almost impossible for me to find time during the week to make healthy food for my kids. On Saturdays, I try to set aside a couple hours to bake some of their favorite food: chocolate banana bread, lentil soup, strawberry ice cream (three ingredients: fresh cream, strawberries, sugar), oatmeal, fruit smoothies and more, then pop everything into the freezer. Then I just thaw in the microwave for 25 seconds. Easy-peezy."



"I go crazy if I don't work out… even when I'm slammed, I'll schedule some time at night to squeeze in some exercise. Every Monday, I have a trainer come to my house, and I'll hit up a Barry's Bootcamp once a week at nine PM."



"When I asked my amazing Nana (RIP) to write down her tips for maintaining a 50+ year plus marriage to our Grandfather, she stated emphatically, “love him, love him love him!!” I know that giving your partner some old fashioned love and attention can feel like an afterthought, but don't let it. Have a date night once a week, have sex once a week (at least), send sweet texts throughout the day. The stability of your partnership is a scaffolding that holds up the entire family."



"The director of my children’s nursery school always references this expression and it’s a brilliant one. Children, like grown-ups, just want to be heard. It’s important to let your kids speak, to not interrupt them, look them in the eye when they’re talking, to acknowledge that you heard their words and you understand what they are feeling. (IE: "I totally hear you and understand that you are frustrated that you can't give your hamster Skittles a bath right now! I get that it's a bummer! However, it's time to get ready for bed.")"




"Even as a self-proclaimed Type-A Organization Freak, it's still really hard for me to keep track of everyone's schedule. I recently learned how to assign each family member a different color on iCal, and it's a major game-changer." 



"If you're not happy, chances are, your kids won't be either. Moms are a powerful presence, children are sensitive creatures, and your well-being invariably affects theirs. Make sure you have some me-time to indulge your own interests. For example, I like to set aside time to create watercolor still-live. It may sound weird, but I find painting super centering — plus, it feels good to remember that I am my own person with interests outside of my family and my career."



"Eliminate some of your inevitable morning chaos by getting organized the night before. I work off a never-ending list that I constantly update. Morning are my least favorite time of the week, especially during the summer when sunscreen needs to be applied, so I take ten minutes every night to lay out what needs to be done the next day." 


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