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Top Five Fashion Darlings

From Sade To Leandra, these fashion icons never cease to inspire with their style and swagger.

Cool Wedding Registry Ideas

For the couple who's been shacked up for years....

    Wedding Registry Essentials

    When you live in a tiny apartment...

    Destination Wedding Pics

    Jillian Mitchell uses Polaroids to capture the coolest moments in holy matrimony.

    Magic Carpets

    Stroll down the aisle on a vintage kilim.

    Flash Back

    This rad photographer has captured over 500 weddings.

    Bohemian Heaven

    Matt Kliegman and Sophie Green moved from 400 square feet to a Brooklyn brownstone with two fireplaces.

    Flower Power

    Cara Mara Piazza transforms wedding bouquets into psychedelic silk robes.

    Lights, Camera, Action

    Georgia-based wedding photographer Izzy Hudgins on her most memorable moments.

    Behind the Lens

    Dawn Roscoe shares her most memorable behind-the-scenes moments.

    Ride or Dye

    The Ultimate DIY Bachelorette Party Activity.

    Behind The Lens

    A wedding photography duo shares the greatest hit of their favorite pics.

    #wewantprenup Fuck Weddings Fete

    A DIY Bachelorette party with some of most fabulous foxes in town. 
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