Ten Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

Bold sweets that defy convention for your big day.


There’s nothing wrong with a little tradition, but when you’re looking to add a little flair to your big day, a standard wedding cake just won’t cut it. An unconventional wedding requires an unconventional cake, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite creative confections that make a memorable finale.

Elegant Naked Berry and Flower Cake
This berry and flower cake is almost too pretty to eat (almost!). Created by Welsh bakery Petal-à-Pot, it perfectly blends floral and fruit for the ultimate showstopping dessert.
Heart of Chocolate Primaveral Cake
Merceditas Bakery's chocolate cake is springtime perfection. As an added bonus, it’s surprisingly healthy: The cake itself doesn’t have butter, milk, or eggs.
Vanilla Naked Layer Cake
There’s something rustic-looking about a “naked” cake, and the addition of chamomile and blackberries lend a perfectly deconstructed feel to this layer cake made by Annie Campbell.
One Layer Pastel Cake
Who says wedding cakes have to be massive, extravagant affairs? This one-layer cake created by Gift Cakes features a simple buttercream and is topped with romantic florals designed by Bella Botanica.
Layered Dripping Chocolate Cake
While the theme of this wedding was simple and minimal to reflect traditional Finnish design, the layered cake created by Gaggui Kaffela with dripping chocolate was anything but. The mix of fruit such as figs and blackberries with floral (we love the blend of flowers with sprigs of green!) made for a striking dessert.  
Red velvet and Honeycomb Cake Dripping with Salted Caramel & Pistachio Toffee
The topping alone on this stunning cake merits celebration, but the combination of flavors is what really makes it stand out: Layered with red velvet, vanilla bean, and honeycomb, Alita O’Brien’s creation is finished off with salted caramel and pistachio toffee for a truly unique flavor.
Black Forest Pavlova With Chocolate Mousse
This dessert is proof that a wedding cake doesn’t actually need to consist of, well, cake. Katelyn Williams’ black forest pavlova includes dark chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of chocolate-swirled meringue.
Wild Berry Pound Cake with Mascarpone Yogurt Cream
This dark and dramatic-looking cake is every bit as decadent as it looks. The Rusted Ladle's wild berry pound cake is a bolder take on regular pound cake, and uses mascarpone yogurt creme as a great alternative to frosting.
Rock Candy Geode Crystal Cake
Remember rock candy? This geode wedding cake by the Sugared Rose uses real sugar crystals to emulate the look of everyone’s favorite childhood treat.

Chocolate Brushstroke Cake

This is not so much a cake as it is a veritable work of art. Moscow bakery Kalabasa melted chocolate and used a pastry brush to create edible brushstrokes that adorn the sides of this cake.  

Originally published on Domino.com
Pics (in order of appearance) by: Anna Hardy, Merceditas Bakery, Elizabeth Messina, Paula O'Hara, Petra Veikkola, Matthew O'Brien, The Kate Tin, Jena Carlin Creative of The Rusted Ladle, The Sugared Rose, Kalabasa.